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Narconon "Grad' Praises Actress' Rehab Support

The Oklahoman
February 9, 1991

An aspiring actor says he is indebted to actress Kirstie Alley for sending him to Oklahoma and putting him through a drug rehabilitation program.

Jeremy Jaklevick, 24, said Friday it took him two months to complete the program at Narconon New Life Chilocco, and he is committed to living the rest of his life drug-free.

Jaklevick, a native of Los Angeles, said he was addicted the past several years to cocaine, spending up to $40,000 on the drug one year.

Jaklevick said Alley, star of the television sitcom "Cheers," paid the cost of the $15,000 Narconon Chilocco program, which operates on the grounds of the old Chilocco Indian School campus about six miles north of Newkirk.

"I am going to pay her back," Jaklevick said.

Jaklevick said Alley sponsored him because his mother, Gabrielle A. James, is a writer on the "Cheers" show, and because he had worked for a company owned by John Ratzenburger, who plays the part of the mail carrier on "Cheers."

Jaklevick said his mother found out about Narconon Chilocco when Alley told people on the "Cheers" set of the November visit she and her husband, actor Parker Stevenson, made to the Chilocco campus.

Alley, a native of Wichita, Kan., said she entered the Narconon program in Los Angeles in 1979 and has been drug-free since. She now is the spokeswoman for Narconon Chilocco, which began admitting patients about a year ago.