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Narconon Researches Opposition:
Scientology Group Hires Investigator, Buys Ad

The Newkirk Herald Journal (?),
31 August 1989

According to a story by Michael McNutt in the August 25th edition of The Daily Oklahoman, an alleged Scientology group operating as Narconon near Newkirk has hired a private investigator to find the extent of illegal drug use in Kay County and the identity of those opposing "effective drug rehabilitation programs."

Actually, the private investigator was hired over a month ago. Newkirk Mayor Garry Bilger says that he was visited by Woody Bastemeyer, owner of Western Investigating, 4423 N. Greenvale Circle, Stillwater, about July 20th.

Bilger said Bastemeyer told him he had been hired by Narconon to find out who had been supplying the city with information about Scientology and Narconon, and was particularly interested in the source of a British Broadcasting Company [sic] documentary program on Scientology that has been circulating in the area.

Several other area residents have also reported being contacted by Mr. Bastemeyer. Bastemeyer resurfaced around the first of August, according to Bilger, and wanted, but didn't receive, copies of letters the mayor had received from dissident Scientologists from across the country. He also visited with some local law enforcement people at that time.

On Tuesday, August 22, an advertisement appeared in the Ponca City News. It was placed by Western Investigating, and asked people to give the names, addresses, place of employment, and type of vehicle driven by anyone known to be selling drugs or opposed to "effective drug rehabilitation programs."

On Thursday, August 24, Kay County Sheriff Glenn Guinn was contacted by Bastemeyer who was requesting information about Newkirk Herald Journal publisher Bob Lobsinger's wife and children.

The Western Investigating ad reappeared the next day in the Ponca City News.

According to the story in the Oklahoman, Narconon plans to use the information to convince opponents in the area that a need exists for their drug treatment facility. The North Central Major Crimes Task Force ran a similar ad in June, asking readers to identify who is selling drugs and where the suspect lives and works. The Western Investigating ad, however, also asks readers to list "anyone who may be opposed to effective drug rehabilitation programs." Narconon's Gary Smith is quoted in the Oklahoman article as saying, "That' s in there from past experiences that we've had in other areas ... It's something that we're investigating."

The Oklahoman says Smith told them they only intend to send those people informational brochures, "We're not trying to hurt anybody or do any kind of blackmail thing," Smith is quoted as saying, but added that information about suspected criminal activity will be "turned over to the proper authorities."