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Harold's Journal - Editorial Opinion
When Hell Freezes Over

Newkirk Herald-Journal
By Bob Lobsinger
September 14, 1989

The Newkirk Herald Journal will heartily support the Narconon/Scientology drug abuse treatment program at Chilocco as soon as Narconon...

1) produces the necessary scientifically acceptable studies that they should have done during the 23 years they claim to have been in business... studies done by non-Scientologists, reviewed thoroughly by Oklahoma professionals, that will confirm without doubt that their system is safe, effective, reliable, and medically sound.

2) can prove that their treatment program does not consist of any of the first half dozen steps up the Scientology chart of religious progress known as the Bridge to Total Freedom.

3) can provide accurate and accountable reports of results they have attained instead of wild guesses.

4) can prove that they have never, do not currently, and will not in the future use any type of "religious artifact" or require as part of the treatment, the services of a minister (or auditor) of any church in their treatment program, at Chilocco, or at any other Narconon establishment.

or when Hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

We will heartily support any drug abuse treatment program that can comply with these few simple requirements that insure quality treatment, separation of church and state, and basic honesty. And we have, in fact, suggested to Drug Czar William Bennett that Chilocco would indeed make an excellent facility for legitimate drug treatment. We hope he is listening.