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Harold's Journal - Editorial Opinion

Newkirk Herald-Journal
By Bob Lobsinger
May 11, 1989

Well, now. Haven't I been put in my place.

I guess now I know better than to mess with big, important folks from LA. Narconon, it turns out, is a wonderful program after all. They said so. And that, of course, is what AP reported last weekend, gutsy organization that they are.

Now, we already had enough of Narconon's own material to tell you what they would say about their program. Of course it's wonderful. What else would you expect them to say?

We thought you had a right to know what they weren't saying. And we found plenty they were staying quiet about.

There is no shame in not knowing the difference between an ugly duck and the goose that laid the golden egg. The shame is in not changing ones thinking when one finds out the difference.

Mr. Miles, from the Health Planning Commission is a likable individual in a tough spot. His head is not hooked to an E-meter after all. He simply has to live by somebody else's regulations. Mr. Bridges is a fine fellow, too, with a sincere, personal interest in trying to help the Indian people. But he's in the same situation. Which boils down to the fact that the state can do nothing about the situation because everything is quite legal.

Narconon says it is not connected in any way with the Church of Scientology. Fine. It was just started by Scientologists, and Scientologists run it. But that is a coincidence of nature...

Suppose that next week, Doc S. announces he is going to start a Birth Control Clinic that adheres to the methods of John Paul II. What are you to believe about his operation?

This deal is no different. A consistent history and long term reputation, documented in print doesn't change just because one refuses to read it or check it out. No matter how many times you "play it again, Sam," the record stays the same.

We'd all like the Chilocco project to be the grand and glorious establishment it's makers say it will be... helping humanity and providing economic assistance to the Indian people as well.

But I'm afraid if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck.