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Renovation Underway At Chilocco Indian School

By Michael McNutt, Enid Bureau

Daily Oklahoman,
Thursday, June 8, 1989

NEWKIRK - Renovations have begun on buildings at nearby Chilocco Indian School, according to Simon Hogarth, a representative of the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) which owns Narconon, the proposed drug rehabilitation center to be located on the grounds.

A press release issued Monday by Hogarth said that Narconon has obtained a Certificate of Need from the Oklahoma State Planning Commission to establish a 75-bed facility at Chilocco for drug and alcohol abusers. The center is currently employing 25 people and now has one local volunteer. Edna Fulton, the Executive Director, is from Los Angeles, California. Mr, and Mrs. Jamie Culleeney recently arrived with their two children from Glendale, California. Mr. Jim Davidson is from Bristol, Virginia. The volunteer was not named.

Sixteen local residents are employed on the renovation crew and five local residents are working in the office and are beginning on the job training, according to the release. "We have been working closely with the Native American Leaders at the Chilocco Development Authority," Miss Fulton said, "and look forward to bringing back life to the Chilocco facility."

According to its promoters, "The Narconon program, which has proven successful throughout the world, utilizes the drug rehabilitation technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, philosopher, humanitarian and one of the most acclaimed and widely read authors of all time."

The release continues, "Narconon's program is a completely drug-free method of helping abusers to kick the habit. It comhines a regimen of vitamins with the use of sauna and exercise, which enables an individual to rid his body of toxic drug residues. The program not only safely gets a person off drugs, but eliminates the adverse effects of drugs that continue long after such substances have been ingested."

Narconon's release continues, "The Chilccco program will service people from all over the United States who wish to free themselves from the debilitating consequences of drug and alcohol abuse."

Miss Fulton predicts the renovations will cost in excess of $1 million and the program plans to provide more jobs for local residents. Visitors are invited to tour the grounds during daylight hours, seven days a week.

Opening of the facility is now scheduled for September, according to Hogarth.