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Distorted Story Was A Disservice

Calgary Herald
May 30, 1994

Re: "Alberta natives warned about U.S. drug program," Herald, March 29. The Herald published a distorted diatribe concerning the Church of Scientology and the L. Ron Hubbard-inspired drug rehabilitation program Narconon.

Narconon is highly accredited, approved by the Oklahoma Department of Health and has operated successfully for a number of years without incident. This information was either discounted or omitted from the story.

The work of Scientology founder Hubbard has been ahead of its time in coming up with not only a method to help someone recover from the scourge of drugs but to also reduce the level of body toxins associated with the vast number of chemicals used in everyday living.

I cannot think of a greater public disservice than the publishing of such an article.

Al Buttnor,

(Buttnor is director of the office of public affairs for the Church of Scientology.)