A Day in the Life of a Scientologist on OT 7

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Subject: A day in the Life of of One OT
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I thought you might like to hear what a day was like for me, while on OT 7.

8am- wake up and eat a big breakfast, as I'm going in session.
8:30- Go in bedroom, and lock the door. Check windows to make sure they're
        locked also. (before going in room, I also make sure the front and
back doors
        Were locked securely.
        Put sign on door "In Session"
        Turn the phone off.
         Go into my secret, locked cabinet in my closet, and take out my
         briefcase, with my OT 7 materials in it.
8:40- Open up case, take out folder with Correction lists in it. (The OT 7
one is
       about 12 pages long, plus one for if you're really just upset) This
is used whenever you have trouble on OT 7, it
      isn't going right, or you're not getting an F/N when you should.
      Set out foolscap paper, and pen.
     Set up meter so it's all ready (this is an entire ordeal we had to go
    where you had to drill EXACTLY "How to set up a meter to solo audit"
   was about 25 steps.

Ok, Check for metabolism. This is a check to make sure physically you are
ready to audit (enough sleep and food, so the meter WILL read).

Say to yourself, silently, "This is the Session".

Now, IF an OT 7 has upsets at all at the start of the session, these need to
be handled. These are upsets, problems, withholds. I almost always began by
running out my number one upset: Being ON OT 7.


"Is there an ARCX?" (an upset)

Meter reads: Fall. (supposedly this means there's quite possibly something
charged there)

Me: (always to myself, just thinking it, never out loud):
    "Yes....I'm sick of this F**ing level! It doesn't work....and I'm tired
of losing at

(Now depending, I might get out the entire 12 page correction list here, as
I don't sound like a very happy camper....but it might just be a temporary
upset, so let's pretend it's that, and I'll try to "Handle it".

 Ok....first I have to check for whose charge it is!

"Is this charge mine? A Bt's? A Clusters?

  Ok...let's say it's a BT's....the meter reads (falls) on that.
   BT? Yes!

 Now I have to "locate the BT".

So I cruise around in my mind,,,,,check through  my body, above it, around
higher, lower, inside of it, mmmmmmwhere is this BT? (Usually I was able to
locate what I thought were BT's Pretty easily.)
Ok.....one foot to my right....meter Falls. I've located the BT!
So Now...I have to check with this entity.....what IS the actual upset?

"Ya volll........(mr or mrs BT).....hey there......what IS your Upset/ARCX?

BT: I am very upset because I am tired of people asking other OT's if they
      can heal people. I'm not healed so this question upsets me.

Me: Ok, let me check that:
      "Is that a break in affinity?
                                  Communication? Long Fall
     "Is it a break in communication?

       BT: YES! IT is!! I feel I cannot communicate with anyone.......

   In fact, I'm locked here....

   BT realizes he Isn't Locked here, he can go....

   takes off....

   meter F/N's.....


  Now if he hadn't zoomed off.....I could indicate the charge. If need be,
go earlier similar until that F/n's. Then.....check "What are you" (Find out
what he's being)
and then "Who are you?" until he takes off. However, often on OT 7 it all
happens very fast. If not, there are many variations one can do to 'help the
entity leave'.

Ok....now that this upset is gone, on for a little OT 7.

  Again, I need to first locate a BT or a Cluster, or a Cumulative Cluster
(a bunch of clusters supposedly glued together by a similar incident.

 (((Hi Bill :) Isn't this horrible? Me telling this is SOOO Suppressive,
isn't it? Well, you all decided I am an SP, so hey....why not fill people
yup...you and I most definitely had some Incidents we experienced
together...and no doubt your BT/s and Clusters have charge on what was

   Left Shoulder- Fall. (meter reads, someone is there)

 (me)  "What are you?"

   (BT) "A broken bone"--Fall
(me) "I'd like to indicate you are a broken bone".

  BT: Cool.....blow. F/n.

If not....you can go further.

Now you continue this way, spotting different BT's Clusters, and handling
until you are doing much better, or you create that you are...and you end

"End of Session"

Now after you've ended the session, you have to correct your worksheets so
people can read them. All corrections are done in red, such as writing words
better so people can understand, time, any realizations you may have left
out, etc.
These are mailed to Flag once a week, in another "Totally Secure" BS manner.

  Now...you have to lock up ALL of your materials, in the locked briefcase
(and if you miss one side, that's out security) and lock that up in your
secret, totally secure cabinate. Let's say you forgot to lock one of your
windows, while in session, and now after you realize this...which honestly
did happen to me.

Me: Damn!! I forgot to lock that stupid window. It's closed, My entire house
is locked up...this is crazy to have to do lower conditions for this one
window no one can even get to.....but per the Security pack, I violated
it...so I'll call and see.

Now you have to Call your Director of Processing, in Clearwater, and tell
them. They send you to
"Ethics" on the phone, and you are assigned "Treason" and told to write it
and call them once you get up to "liability". Then you have to "Make up the
Damage" by doing some work needed, and get an OK to return to OT 7.

If you hadn't "Gone out security"...for the rest of the day, here's what

9:30- Off to work.

5:00- Back from work, time to get a snack, and "Get sessionable". If tired,
I may have to rest a bit.

5:30- Back in session, same as above.


7:00-Back in session

((remember, while I was on OT 7, we were expected to get in 5 HOURS of
Auditing per day. Few people could do this, but your day was spent
constantly trying to do so)).
8:00- relax awhile.

9:00- one last stab at a session.

10:00-to bed.

Ta da....

That's just a bit of one day in the land of OT 7.

Of course there are a skillion variations of it, but that's one scene of
what did
happen one day.

Love to all ...and Bill, don't get too weirder out about it! These people
all pretty much know all this---in one degree or another----so this is just
window dressing.


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