Provenance of the Vorlon NOTs Pack

by Anonymous

There are several different versions of David Mayo's and Hubbard's NOTs that have come out over the years, and it has likely been revised since Hubbard died, perhaps more than once by Ray Mithoff and David Miscavige under LRH's name as corrections. These revisions may be being done to keep the copyright going, and not let it expire. Also, some revisions in 1982 were done so that ASI, Author Services Incorporated, could claim that these were works completed after ASI, a for-profit corporation, came into existence and then collect royalties on those services from the CofS, a non-profit corporation, and pay these royalties to Hubbard, after taking out a good slice for Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker. Also, certain revisions and alterations were done by Scientologists in the independant movement, the so-called "freezone", including versions by David Mayo himself, Enid Vien, and "Larry West".

The checksheet found with the Flag NOTs Pack posted to the Internet, or something similar to it, was used for both the auditor course and the C/S course. Two issues are missing, numbers 23 and 53. Series 53 was a list of errors that were being made at Flag when Ray Mithoff was the Senior C/S FLB (Case Supervisor, Flag Land Base), in Clearwater, Florida, a post he took over from David Mayo. Ray Mithoff cancelled it as "out tech", likely because he found it an embarrassing expose of errors he made while on post. Because this is missing, it indicates the Flag NOTS Pack that was posted to the internet dates from after September, 1982, when Mithoff took over the Senior C/S post.

This version of the pack is called the "Larry West" pack, and it was typed up on 8-1/2" x 11" inch paper, unlike the 8-1/2" x 14" paper that is used for standard issue LRH HCOBs and HCOPLs. Jon Atack obtained a copy of the NOTs pack that Ron Lawley, Morag Bellmaine (Bisbey) and Robin Scott got by going to the AO or Advanced Org in Denmark in December 1983 dressed up in Sea Org uniforms and audaciously demanding to see a copy, then walking away with it, and event well-covered by Stewart Lamont in his book Religion, Inc. (which includes photos of Robin Scott).

Atack made photocopies and sent one of these photocopies to "Larry West" whose real name is Dahlquist, living in San Diego at the time, via a third person in Las Vegas. "Larry West" retyped it, deliberately introducing typos and other changes onto 8.5" x 11" paper instead of the standard 8.5" x 14" paper. This explains the many typographical errors in dates and titles in the copy posted to the Internet. "Larry West" mistakenly hoped that these changes would hide the fact that the pack came from Denmark and protect him from copyright/trademark lawsuits by the cult management. "Larry West" then photocopied his typed-up pack, and sold them for $50 each to hundreds of people in the independant movement. RTC knew that he was doing this and Scn had a lawsuit against him for copyright and trademark infringements. The cult management cut a deal with "Larry West" and settled in 1984, and did not sue him for their NOTs pack infringement in order to go after other, bigger fish, as we shall see.

In January 1985, RTC filed a "fair game" type of suit against David Mayo: RTC v. Robin Scott et al. This suit claiming that Mayo had received a copy of the stolen pack from Denmark and had used it to write the AAC, Advanced Ability Center, pack that was being used at the Santa Barbara, California splinter group. RTC filed this suit and included Mayo despite knowing that the packs used at the AAC were written before the Denmark pack was walked off with, and their knowledge of what "Larry West" was doing with the pack he received via Jon Atack. RTC kept quiet about what it knew, however, in order to go after Mayo, who was a major threat because he knew too much about the cult's inner workings as the Senior C/S Int, co-author of NOTs, and Hubbard's personal auditor.

This was not the only NOTs pack that was out of Scientology's control at the time; RTC knew of others and didn't act on them or hushed them up in order to go after their main target. One of these was being sold to members of the independant movement of Scientologists as early as February, 1983, by Enid Vien. RTC eventually lost their copyright/trade secret suit against David Mayo.

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