Advanced level 5 is a series of rundowns to handle what remains of bts and clusters after AL3 and 4 and those who have been messed up in earlier auditing. On Advanced level 3 one handles those beings who are in communication with one and who respond to incidents one and two.

The majority of beings whom one is handling at this level are below the level of life. They no longer consider themselves to be alive but are in very low states of awareness, unaware and asleep. They require special handling to bring them into awareness and communication. They are sitting in basic misconceptions primarily relating to beingness. They think they are mest or body parts or conditions or just about anything. Many of these beings have been mishandled in earlier auditing especially if the pc has been run on dianetics after clear. It is these that have to be handled first on this rundown.

A bt is in a hypnotic state and will respond to what the pc thinks thus easily present chains of engrams to be run or whatever is asked for. It is also very easy to skip from one case to another leaving charge stirred up but unhandled. They are in close tactile communication with each other and the pc so tend to cross-restimulate one another copying each other's restimulations and pictures.

As the pc himself becomes more powerful these beings become more and more subject to his intention and will mock up whatever case phenomena he may decide he has. The being who is clear no longer has his own reactive mind or pictures but due to bt/cls can misown as he sees their pictures and believes them to be his own.

As these bts are woken up they will mock up mass which is caused by their being out of valence. They tend to do a sort of crush-in pull-back with a physical tenseness to it as they are afraid from having been hit. There is also the basic fear that beings have of getting worse and they are sure they will. They are also afraid of becoming cells and molecules and sure they will do that too. They try to hide and pull back into themselves which causes the pressure one feels from them.

There is the phenomena of someone who is in the valence of a body with pictures of earlier bodies on top entrenched with thetans who are stuck in past times and locations so they can't be found until one looks into the past and finds them. They can be so thoroughly in the past that they see later pictures as the future causing worry about the future, visions and terror stomachs. As one goes through the rundowns that compose the level they will blow off faster and faster but one hits points where it becomes difficult and heavier techniques are used to handle then it lightens up and goes into a fast run again. Such points can be more difficult if the pc is insufficiently rested or over-restimulated.

Bt/cls can still be handled with the procedures of AL3 and may need to be in some cases. One can still date/locate clusters but it has to be done quite skillfully at this level as it is easy for a date or location that is correct for one thetan or mass to be misowned by another and act as a wrong indication with resultant build-up of mass and pressure. The main techniques of the level are blowing by inspection and a valence handling which consists of asking the bt/cl the question 'what are you' to get the valence he is in, acknowledging his answer and then asking 'who are you' which gets him out of the valence and generally blows him off at that point. Continuing through the rundowns one's body becomes increasingly looser, less tense and by the end is transparent to the pc's perception and free of unwanted sensations, pains and pressures.


The majority of bts and clusters that one is handling at this level are in a state at or below death and way below unconsciousness. They produce somatics and body conditions which is how one becomes aware of them. They are not up to communication until one puts attention directly on them with telepathic intention. They are stuck on the track in past time and space hoping to be dead or non-existant. Auditing dianetics on a clear can awaken them and cause heavy somatics, when they start to mock up mass. Advanced level 3 techniques would not normally touch them. They are generally gotten into when one takes up an unreading item. They don't respond on the meter. This is the reason for not taking up unreading questions in earlier auditing as those aspects of the case open up and come into restimulation. These beings would normally just go on into eternity in a solid state unless disturbed. They are not actually in the time stream so finding them involves putting one's attention out of present time whereupon they come into view.


On advanced level 5 one is basically handling misconceptions. These are the basis of any difficulty and troubles a thetan can become involved with. A misconception is an error in thinking relating to identity, time, place, form or event. Of most importance here is a misconception of identiy, where the being believes he is somebody or something else. This includes the idea that one being is many or many beings are one- which is what holds clusters together. There is an early implant that lays in the idea that 'all is one' and 'one is all'. It is actually necessary to have two viewpoints in order to have a somatic, as the production of energy involved necessitates a secondary concept held apart from the primary one. There can be misconceptions of time and location regarding incidents which is what makes date/locating work as one is ascertaining the time and location. One can have a thetan apparently in one location who is actually somewhere else mocking himself up. The level therefore has the intention of sorting out the entanglements and confusions of life and identity. Misownership is a misconception of authorship in that one being thinks his creation was made by another or that another's is attributable to himself.


On this level, as earlier, one is handling beings telepathically with intention. There is a certain proximity factor to telepathy in that it travels most easily along a physical path especially when beings are closely packed together and tend to relay the communication. When one doesn't have the physical tactile line, one can get telepathy by reaching. One uses telepathy in auditing this level with a "no-attitude". These beings stick easily into emotions especially rough treatment with anger or blame. One should use an attitudelessness without unfriendliness or friendliness while maintaining the auditor's code and communication cycle fully. One's attention and intention in the comm cycle should be strictly limited to the area one is handling at the time otherwise heavy restimulation of other thetans can result. If the pc has difficulty with this limiting of attention then one can use TR8Q to handle it so that he can project his intention well into the exact area required. These bt/cls handle easily with good directed intention, acknowledgements and a generally good comm cycle with TRs in.


A being can be stuck in a past time and place to a point where he is totally living in that past. His whole perception and concept of what is going on is from that location and he reacts to the current environment as if it were that past,and as if the activities of that time are still going on. Bts who are in low levels of beingness are dormant and stuck totally in past time and space. One can have a phenomena of thought disassociation in a pc where there is a stuck viewpoint in the past which is a point he considers to be safe. Processes such as 'where would you be safe' can put him into a full reliving of the incident before he comes into present time.It is different from returning to an incident in that the incident is more real to the pc than what is going on in the environment.


A bt or cluster can go into the valence of just about anything conceivable. This can be objects that vary in size from molecules to planets. They can believe they are bodies or parts of bodies such as arms, legs and brains. In early track incidents, thetans were persuaded to become the parts that compose the body and assume the forms thereof. They can feel that they are necessary to the existence of the body and want to be helpful sometimes feeling that the body could not exist without them which is not the case. They in fact hold one back. Often they stick to a perimeter a few feet out from the body. They can actually be part of one another's pictures and get quite a complex scenery built up. They can go into the beingness of other life forms. Thetans can get into being insects without bodies. Such collect together in swarms and become attached in multitudes to other beings. They can believe they are birds or animals and similarly crowd and stick together with others. Essentially they become whatever they consider it is safe to be. One can have apparent 'ghosts' around one wherein a thetan has assumed the beingness of someone known to the pc complete with surroundings. This total copy of the appearance and characteristics of the person can give one the feeling of being haunted. One can move it down the track to before it knew the person and that should blow it or it can be handled with the other techniques of the level. There are those who have criminal beingnesses and can make a great show of being able to create bad effects which they usually can't. They handle with usual valence technique and TRs. A heavy R/Ser may need ev purp handling to blow him off. There are bt/cls who create ridges or shields which other bts and clusters stick to. One has to find the one who is creating it and handle him then the others blow off quite easily. One may have to check behind, around and inside the ridge in order to locate these. The ridge can appear white on the front and black behind. There are shell bts who surround the body. This is a composite mass that thinks it is holding the body together. It is a highly electronic structure and tends to stick in a lot of bts and clusters. The pc can easily think that its pictures are his own as they are much bigger than the usual small pictures mocked up by bts. One can also get smaller shells around parts of the body on a lesser scale. Sometimes a low level bt will go into a kind of negative beingness in which he is being the absence of something such as 'no head' or 'no understanding' or a negative of anything. They can be a no-feeling or no-emotion and can cut off sensation feeling and perception. They are stuck in withdrawing from something or suppressing it from existence. One can come across the no-space of bts sticking together in a vacuum. When these beingnesses are located, they can flip back into the positive aspect of the beingness before blowing. In summary, one has to be able to accept that a bt or cluster can go into the beingness of anything but will probably be surprised even then at the things that do turn up.


Bts and clusters are out of valence. They think they are all manner of beings, objects and significances. Once they handle this basic misconception they blow off sometimes quite dramatically. There are six steps to the procedure all of which may not be needed in most cases.


One starts by finding a bt/cl to handle by whatever method one is currently using. This could be one of the program steps, rudiments or a repair list of some sort. One then sorts out what one is handling. You want to know whether it is a bt or a cluster or even several bts or clusters in which one would take them up one at a time. One would then get the pc to limit his attention strictly to the area being handled.


If the pc hasn't already given a location then one asks for its location relative to the body. This could be in, on or outside the body and sometimes at quite a distance. The correct area should read on the meter. These first two steps are not rote but are done to the extent needed to limit the pc's attention to the area of the bt/cl being handled. One would not use them to slow down a fast running pc when he is handling them too fast to get into answering all these questions. It may well blow on one of these first two steps without going further as many do blow on inspection alone.


Have the pc ask the bt/cl 'what are you'. Normally they will just answer up with the valence they are in. Sometimes they answer 'me' and then blow when acknowledged or straight away. It is possible that one already got the answer to this question on finding their location as many are being locations in the body. If they are very inert they might not answer up at all. One could get them into comm by getting the pc to run hello/oks on them until they come into communication. One can jolt them a little earlier on the track and they run through into pt and probably blow off. They could also just be a mass put there by a thetan in another location. If its a ridge one generally finds the thetan behind it so one would have the pc look there. Sometimes one gets the answer of a collective beingness such as 'us' or 'the navy'. This could well be a wrong item as it is not the personal valence of the being. One would have to get the valence he is in.


Have the pc acknowledge the answer. This can often cause a blow and is an essential step. These beingnesses are often quite bizarre and have never been acknowledged. The bt/cl can come off the valence and cognite he is not whatever he was. One is acknowledging what has been a compulsive beingness and the action tends to lift the bt/cl out of it. One would ack even if step three BDs and the F/N should broaden. One would not, however, pull the thetan back to acknowledge him if he had already blown.


Have the pc ask 'who are you'. They cognite on being themselves and blow. Sometimes one gets a highly multiple blow. If they repeat the answer to the what question then have the pc ask 'what were you before you became that'. They should reply 'me' and blow or one repeats the question until they cognite. They could give a significance such as a name in which instance the who question should be repeated until they realize and blow. One could get a criminal type that goes into evil or threatening statements. Persist with a good ack and repeat the question 'who are you'. They should go quiet and blow with a cognition. They may comm lag a few seconds on giving an answer which is fine. One shouldn’t get impatient with them.


Usually they have blown by the previous step but if there isn't a definite indication of this (BD F/N) then one would have the pc acknowledge the 'me' answer. This generally ensures that the being blows. Later on in the rundowns one is handling beings in worse shape who might not blow immediately on the ack. One would ack them encouragingly and have them repeat the answer 'me' until they BD and blow off.


A bt stuck on the track is stuck in the time flow. Time itself has stuck as a flow and the being is stuck at that point in the past. An effective way of blowing bts is to put an effort-postulate there to move them a little earlier than the stuck point. This jolts them loose on the time track and they come up to present time and blow off.


On this level the easiest way to blow bt/cls is by inspection and a large number can be blown of by this method alone. The idea is not to look at the pictures the bt is mocking up but to look at its mass, shape, texture and so on. If you see the picture, then shift your perception onto the mass as the picture is just a misdirection. Track down where the being is who is putting the mass there as he can be in a quite different location from the somatic he is creating. One can get these beings to blow off very quickly using this method and it is the best to use when one can.


There is a method of blowing off heavy masses which can be resorted to if nothing else will work. One can mock up a hand and, using it as an edge, pass it between the body and the mass to separate it off. There are often lines of attachment to the body which can be strings, beams, lines or suction caps. These have to be severed using a suitable mock up. If one uses a hand to throw off a mass then the hand should be thrown off together with the mass to ensure that there are no communication lines left to the body. One can have a phenomena of clusters stuck in layers together in a mass or in superimposed ridges. The thetan hand technique can be used to separate them apart so that they can be addressed separately.In general, difficulty in blowing off masses is caused by lack of sleep, vitamins or calcium. It can also be made harder by carrying on a session too long and over-restimulating the pc.


Bts obsessively copy each other's pictures and the conditions involved in each other's incidents. They particularly copy stress. Thus they can cross-copy and cross-restimulate causing heavy over-restimulation of the pc. These copies can give the impression that thetans who have actually left are still there. They can get into copying of copies which is called cross-copying. It adds to the misownership and solidity considerably. It can take 3 – 10 days to destimulate from a restimulation that has involved a lot of this cross-copying due to the time it takes for all the copies to fade out. One should check the subject of copies when there isn't a clean blow of a bt or cluster but shouldn’t otherwise overdo it as this can cause bt/cls to start copying when they previously had not been doing so.


A bt can hang up in the effort to prevent change from occuring and become solid due to this. It causes them not to respond to the usual techniques of the level. They will, however, respond to directly addressing the subject of change. One can do this by first of all asking when they decided not to change and then asking what began that. This pulls off the decision and if it doesn't blow them then they should now respond to the valence technique or inspection.


Bts and clusters can cause anaten in a number of ways. A bt can assume the beingness of a piece of anaten or he can be putting out anaten which is just an unconscious like feeling. There can be a spreading of this wherein a being who is putting out anaten will bring another up from below unconsciousness and that one will start exuding anaten aswell and so on. A bt previously dead will mock up mass upon awakening. He will feel threatened which causes compulsive creation. This sudden mass can, if sitting on a nerve channel, cause a shut off perception or feeling making the body go numb or imperceptive.


A bt can cause various phenomena when it does not blow fully. Firstly it can give the apparency of exterior perception. The pc has a comm line to the being and gets the perception sometimes through a chain of bts who relay it. When the bt blows fully this perception ceases. It is thus usually of short duration. The pc's own perception is of a different nature as initially things look quite flimsy and thin as he has previously relied on the body to act as an amplifier for him.both of perception and of feeling. One can meter check for which it is. The pc can handle the partially blown bt by just extending out his intention and blowing it by inspection or valence handling. They can be hung up in an apparent barrier which one can cut open for -them or push them through or they can still be attached to the body via a cord, string or beam which one cuts. The partially blown bt can exert pressure on the body from a distance causing somatics. They can successively hang up at different points and blow out further as they are handled at each point.


A bt/cl can have difficulty in blowing off due to out-int. They get stuck in. They can be handled by having them look at when they went in or scan back through times they went in. In a difficult case one could have them recall times they went in. Sometimes they feel they can't go through the solidity of the body. They couldn’t get in so they went on. They can be similarly handled by having them scan or recall times they went on or get on. One may find cases that are stuck in both 'went on' and 'went in' and need handling on both. 'Can't go in' produces blows because they stuck on after they couldn’t get in. Sometimes a bt is in the valence of someone or something that couldn’t get out which is a safe valence for that bt. One handles by asking or if necessary listing 'what couldn’t get out'. One should get a blow on the correct answer. One could also ask them to point which way was in and that can produce a blow. If there is a lot of trouble with int then one could go into a full handling with the recalls of the end of endless int R/D.


There are various factors of the AL5 case responsible for memory trouble. Basically a thetan mocks up when he feels a threat of unmock. Periods of the track without any environment or universe would emphasize this. The thetan may feel that he cannot recall without pictures which is not the case. One puts remembering on automatic and loses the ability so gets stuck with using them. A thetan who is clear but lodged in with others picks up their pictures – he thinks of a past event and, being hypnotic, the bts provide their version of the occurences subject to their confusions. The consequent misownership of experience destroys memory. Using pictures takes one’s identity away so one is more 1ikely to become part of a cluster using a wrong beingness. Pictures allow a being to act totally on automaticity – there is no need to think as the pictures dictate the actions. The pc can remember but when he thinks then the bt/cls react with pictures so he looks and gets into misownership.


There are times when you will need to use the D/L techniques of AL3 and AL4. One can have a cluster or cumulative cluster that is quite inert. It loosens up on hello/ok but won't handle on valence technique. It just doesn't respond. You do an assessment for type of incident as per AL4. This may in itself blow the cluster apart. If it doesn't then one dates to blow and locates to blow when it became a cluster. One is looking here for the most recent cluster making incident. If it is a cumulative cluster then one goes down the chain of earlier mutual incidents handling each by finding the type if incident and D/L each to 2 blows. One would then handle any individuals remaining with the valence technique or running incidents 2 and 1 if necessary. Then you check for and handle any copies. D/L is fairly risky as one can get the correct date for one mass acting as a wrong date or location for another. One should therefore check for this after doing any D/L on AL5. It results in a build up of mass and pressure. You can get false dates given in an implant. They don't read as well as correct dates. You can just check for it on the meter if it seerns likely. One should notice the difference between a recent mutual incident which isn't a cluster making incident but could be quite highly charged due to cross-restimulation and the actual engrams that make clusters. Handling the former won't usually blow off much in the way of bt/cls.


What sits underneath the clustering of beings is the stuck flow. A thetan can do anything forever but gets the idea that a flow should be impeded or stopped. This misconception that he can't do things on a continuing basis sets in and flows get stuck. A stuck flow is a flow that, in the estimation of the being, has gone on too long. It jams up after it has gone on for a while. Then it can snap back compulsively in the other direction. Out-int is basically a stuck flow. A thetan gets in and keeps going out. He gets tired of going out and it sticks as a flow then snaps back and he stays in. Various misconceptions can cornpound it. Being in or out is itself a false concept for a static. One can identify with pictures and have a picture from outside when in so think one is out or vice-versa. Bt/cls are in a hypnotic condition which is a stuck flow. They are totally other-determined. Some sort of sudden flow such as an explosion or shock sticks them into a hypnotic state and they stay that way until audited. One could wake them up by asking 'how do you wake up' and then doing what they say or counting 4,3,2,1 and then snapping fingers which are methods from hypnosis. So, to become a cluster, they have to be predisposed by having a stuck flow. An impact or heavy incident can then stick the being to others and they go into each others pictures and stuck flows. A ridge is basically flows in opposition so one has an outflow vs. inflow forming mass. Early on in the rundown thetans with out-int blow with recalls or looking at when they went in but later on one is dealing with heavier cases who need to be run directly on stuck flows to be handled. Flows can often be unstuck by reversing them as in the time-shift method of blowing bt/cls but these heavy stuck flows are best addressed on the flow assessment step. This takes up recalls of stuck inflow, outflow and no-flow on quad flows and pulls out these heavy masses. One has to take up no-flow as this is what a lot of them are stuck in.


A clear no longer has his own reactive mind and in trying to run engrams will stir up bt/cls. There comes about a misownership of the pictures restimulated as he can believe them to be his own. The' bt/cls also obsessively copy each other's pictures. There is also the factor of misidentification where the pc believes he is one of his bts or they think they are each other. The result can be a very heavy mass which impinges upon the body and can cause illness or worse. These bt/cls can be quite tightly packed together in dense masses as their anchor points are caved in. This can be very distorting to the body pushing it out of shape and producing quite some discomfort. One must therefore avoid any running of engrams on a clear or above and once a person is clear they should be gotten up onto the higher levels rapidly and onto solo AL7.


During the level one goes through a cyclic phenomena of having to dig up some heavy cases or ones that are holding others in place and then getting a lot of easy blows often just by inspection. As one continues there are generally less and less bt/cls around and the pc's attention goes out more onto the environment. He can get to the point where he is so little involved with the body that one has to turn up the sensitivity high to get reads on bt/cls at all as the needle floats much of the time and tends to be very loose. Early on one encounters the pc getting exterior perceptics via a bt/cl as it blows but when he actually gets in comm with the environment his own perception is quite different. He should experience less and less restim at the end of session as the level continues. The body becomes lighter and less tense eventually becoming transparent to his perception. He perceives the body and surroundings quite thinly at first and could invalidate his ability to perceive because of this. As more room is available in the body clusters tend to swell out occupying more space and becoming less dense. One should notice a decrease in TA action on blowing bt/cls as one goes through the steps. At the beginning it can feel as if one will be forever at it blowing bts and clusters and it can seem that one is pulling in more and more as one goes through. There should be a realization at some point that this is not the case and that one won't get worse and that it can all be handled eventually. He will further on with the rundowns be able to blow bt/cls off others' bodies at a distance. If his attention is attracted to something or someone one can check for a bt/cl in that area and handle. He will, as a being, become more and more powerful as the number of thetans stuck in with him becomes less and less. Needle behaviour will change as one carries on due to the lessening of the electrical inertia of the body. Needle reads will get faster and BDs will be more rapid (but not bigger). The falls can be up to 3 times as fast later on in the steps. TA motion would generally not be over 1 – 2 divs a session on this level. After a big blow the pc can go into autorunning which is just a contiuous rapid blowing. One would get a continuous falling which can go into a TA float.


This level should be delivered without interruption by any other level or auditing action. The only exceptions would be minor assists to handle injury or illness such as a touch assist or contact assist. One would generally start session with 2wc to F/N or ruds to F/N. Rudiments should be limited to what is needed to get on with the session. A high TA at start of session should result in a check for restimulated and incomplete bt/cls possibly for out-int. The pc should be taking 500mg gram of vitamin Bl a day and ensuring that he has sufficient calcium. Lack of Bl can cause trouble blowing bts as they stick to the bone structure and restimulate more easily. Dreams and nightmares can also result from such deficiency. Sessions should be fairly short as restimulation builds up due to cross-restimulation and copying. This needs to be given a chance to die down between sessions otherwise the pc can have difficulty blowing bt/cls off. The usual session EP would be a TA float. One can judge the point to end off. The TA will often rise for a while during the session then at some point blow down to a lower range again. Carrying on past that point would not be optimum. If one does bypass the session EP and get over-restim then check cross-restimulation and indicate if reading. That should pull the TA back down and ease off the pressure. One should be careful to fully handle each location or aspect of charge before going on to the next and not jump from one to another without completing the first. If a pc is to be left without auditing for a while then this should be at the end of one of the program steps or after a major win. It is better to continue to completion once stazted. One should not run any type of havingness during this level as bts are stuck in a can't have or must have and would beef up on doing so. It is a good idea for the pc not to watch television during the rundowns as bt/cls copy the pictures stirring up charge.


On advanced level 5 the auditor should be letting the pc handle bt/cls until he runs into difficulty and then stepping in. He should not be disturbing the pc with needless BD indications or questions as to whether it blew or not. He should recognize the blow when it occurs from the meter and indicators. Asking 'blown' can cause a bt to go out of sight and invalidate the blow. Later on in the rundowns blows are too frequent to be able to indicate all the BDs and the needle is floating a lot of the time anyway. He should be using the meter to steer the pc and indicate reading items. The pc shouldn’t be left looking for answers to unreading questions. The auditor's interest should be in keeping the pc blowing off bt/cls and getting involved only as needed. The pc who is advanced well into the steps will be doing most of the auditing himself.


One has to be quite expert at handling the meter in auditing this level especially when a pc is well advanced into the rundowns. At this time the needle can be very loose and bts do not read as well as the pcs attention tends to be on the body less. This means that the sensitivity has to be set high to get reads. In order to cope with this a different way of controlling the meter is used. One operates the TA with the index and second fingers and the sensitivity with the thumb. One can then set the sensitivity up at the point when one checks for a read. This should be drilled with E-meter drill 11 until one has got it down.


On this level one should thoroughly end a session as one is dealing with rnore than just one case. One may have to repeat with tone 40 intention 'end of session' several times in order to fully end session for all involved. Some bts will come up for handling right at the end on S/A. One should go ahead and handle these. One can finish session by getting the pc to put the intention 'come up to present time' into his space. This will be found to alleviate the session restimulation. Then you end the session thoroughly.


The EP of the level is reached when the body is transparent to the pc's perception and he has an area free of bts and clusters around and including the body. It should extend out some distance. He will feel very much alive and himself. He will still have a perception of the difficulties of those around him.


There are many ways in which bt/cls have been messed up in earlier auditing. These get in the way of handling the remainder of the case on this level. One handles repair of earlier auditing in several steps of the program but may nevertheless come across other bt/cls who need their past auditing errors repaired in later steps. One first of all has to handle any bt/cl with out-int. If there is a lot of trouble with int then one can do an End of endless int R/D using the recall steps only. Past auditing that was in any way rough would tend to have stirred up bts and clusters. Trying to run uncharged items stirs up beings who would otherwise have remained dormant. Wrong indications by mismetering can hang up bt/cls in an evaluated misconception. Dating and locating can result in wrong dates and locations being given to other bt/cls. Occasionally one gets a bad session that acts as a cluster making incident. Such should be taken apart by finding and correcting the auditing errors in the session. A stuck picture is handled by finding the error in running and indicating it then getting whose picture it is and handling them and any copies. If one corrects something on one bt/cl this can act as a wrong item or indication for others. This should regularly be checked for especially in the case of bad indicators being present. Past L&Ns can have given wrong items or left bt/cls without items as the original question could have been charged for several beings and only listed on one. On these steps involving past auditing repair one is likely to encounter out-int, shells, dormant bt/cls, misownership, valences, bt/cls stuck on the track and those with intentions contrary to auditing. When a particular step goes into a series of blows with a TA float and a good win then that is taken as the EP for that whole step. The idea is that auditing is late on the track and just needs to be gotten out of the way sufficiently that earliez charge can be accessed on the case. One should be wary of overdoing a correction as this tends to uncorrect others who were ok to start with. The pc being run on these steps should have realizations that the pictures around him actually belong to bt/cls, should get relief of bpc and somatics and will quite probably come to a realization that his 'bt/cl' case is not going to get worse but is handleable.


When one is handling a repair list or some other kind of assessment on this level or, in fact, at level 3 or above it is quite possible that some of the lines or charge is restimulated for more than one being. It is therefore necessary to handle assessments method 3 F/Ning every read as it occurs. Then, when it has been handled, it is re-checked to see if there is another with similar charge and if so then that is handled. One continues handling that line or question until it no longer reads. This would apply to any charge taken up on a pc at advanced level 3 or above including rudirnents, FDSing or any type of assessment. Omitting to do so can leave the pc with unhandled bpc. One would continue the handling of a repair list only until the situation needing repair was handled as over-repair can stir up things that weren't in restim in the first place.


When the pc folders of the pc on advanced level 5 are available then repair of past auditing can be done with the aid of a full FES and FFT of earlier actions. As one would be doing part of the repair by assessing auditor's names and handling the actions done by that auditor the FFT should have the auditor's name written in as well as the columns giving the items and flows run with the date.


When a pc is well advanced into the rundowns he will have blown off most of the cases that are easier to handle. At this time he will come across more and more beings who will not give a correct answer on first being asked the what question. The correct answer should read and BD on giving it or upon acknowledgement. When this wrong item phenomena begins to occur one should indoctrinate the pc into the following procedure and use it from then on as necessary. One should ensure that this technique is not started prernaturely as LSN does have the liabilities of wrong items and out-lists. If the pc is not well up in awareness he can end up giving the items to other bt/cls and stirring them up or even just giving the item to a totally different thetan and not the first at all. Such could result in a heavy bpc reaction.


The auditor has the pc ask the question 'what are you'. Often the first item given is the correct item. If it is then it should read well (not just a small fall). It would BD on giving it or when it is acknowledged. If the first item doesn't so read then one ensures that the pc keeps his attention on the same spot and lists to the first fall or larger read using the question 'from the same spot is there another answer' then prompting for more answers until the reading item is given. One then indicates the item saying '(item given) is the item' and has the pc ack the answer as per earlier procedure. One often gets a 6 to 10 item list with no or small reads until the correct item is found. In using this procedure one should be quite alert for bad indicators as an out-list situation can recoil on the body. The bt/cls one is dealing with are quite prone to suggestion and will tend to copy items from one another. A sharp worsening of a case on this procedure is an indication that such a situation has probably come about. Basically every bt in the body is sitting in a wrong item already as the only really correct answer to the what question is 'me'. If you checked a correct item found for the what question asking 'incorrect item' it would read on that as the real item is 'me'. When an out-list situation occurs it is possible that the item is actually the location given when one asked for the position in relation to the body if it was a body part or could be taken as a beingness. If one gets into repairing errors by asking 'wrong item' or 'out list' then one would recheck such a question and continue handling until it no longer read. This is because if you have one bt/cl with a wrong item then its quite probable that there are more to be handled. One shouldn’t, however, overwork the correction as one could stir up more that were ok in the first place. If the situation doesn't handle with those two questions then one can use the correction lists from issues of 23 Sept 68 or 29 Sept 68 as these are shorter and contain the probable errors. The L4BRA could be resorted to if those don't handle.


1. Indoctrination of the pc

2. Perception handling

3. Date/locate of clear

4. Handling misowned pictures

5. Clear bts

6. Bts gone exterior

7. Bts audited past erasure

8. Bts over-run and copies

9. Bts run on uncharged items

10. Messed up dianetic chains

11. Messed up dating and locating

12. Past auditing repair by auditor's name


14. Repair of errors from advanced level 3

15. PTS handling

16. R/S and ev purp handling

17. Masses mistaken for the body

18. Bt/cls being body parts

19. Bt/cls on or around the body

20. Generally blowing off bt/cls

21. Remnant ridges and partially blowns

22. Assessment of flows

23. Generally addressing the body

24. Chronic somatic handling

25. Masses that kick in on looking at the body

26. Perimeter masses

27. Misunderstoods on bt/cls

28. Clearing masses from the body

29. Verification of EP and check for incomplete steps if not attained

Note that this is not a rote handling but should be carried out in accordance with what the particular pc needs and has attention on. Each of the steps is the subject of a separate issue.


The pc, as the first step in the program, should be thoroughly made conversant with the principles of level 5. This should cover the theory of the level including all the issues on valences and methods of blowing bt/cls.


A pc's perception will tend to hang up on bts and clusters as they are close to his wavelength. One has to handle an inability to perceive mental masses before one can proceed with the other steps. The pc is in the position of misowning the pictures of bt/cls and of mistaking them for the body itself.


Ask the pc to close his eyes and ask if he can perceive through the head and body. If he can then do not go on with this step further but continue into the next one. Ask what he is looking at, what exactly he sees and then blow it by whatever procedure is necessary. This would be continued until the pc could perceive masses in the body, bt/cls and their pictures.


If the pc has been audited on dianetics after clear then one would D/L the point when he went clear (if not already done). One would check whether that date acted as a wrong date for others and if that location acted as a wrong location for others. Then check if being clear was a wrong indication for any bt-or cluster and handle to blow.


A clear has no pictures of his own but due to the presence of bt/cls can misown their pictures and build up charge. This is cleared up by asking the pc 'have you misowned any bt's or cluster's pictures as your own'. Clear this up to BD if necessary handling the bt/cls whose pictures were misowned. When it is handled then check if misowning bts or clusters pictures acted as a wrong item for others and handle.


As well as the charge of the pc himself being audited on dianetics after clear there are bts who went clear during auditing at various times. These also need to be cleaned up. Ask 'is there a bt who was audited on dianetics after clear'. Indicate reading bpc then ask if they misowned others pictures and clear that up. Check for invalidation of clear and get off the charge. If the bt hasn't blown then handle to blow. Then clean up any copies. Finally check for and handle any bt/cls for whom 'audited on dianetics after clear' acted as a wrong item.


Check for and handle any bt/cls who went exterior in auditing. Such could well need int handling. Then check for bt/cls audited after ext and handle. Similarly take up any bt/cls prevented from blowing after going exterior. After each of the above check if it acted as a wrong item for others. Check for copies after handling each bt/cl.


When an incident has been run past erasure it can result in bts mocking it up again to run it. Ask for bt/cls audited past erasure and clean these up. Check for and handle any copies and if audited past ext acted as a wrong indication for others.


Check for bt/cls over-run in auditing and handle these checking for copies. Then check if this was a wrong item for others and handle if so.


Bt/cls will gladly manufacture items to run which had no charge on them in the first place. There then exists a misconception about the item and it will persist as it contains a lie. Ask for bt/cls run on uncharged items and handle. Take up any copies or wrong indications.


Ask for any messed up dianetic chains. On each one as given do an L3RG method 3. When you get a reading line find the bt/cl that read on it and handle him and any copies. One may need to handle that specific bt/cl with an L3RG to get off all his charge on the dianetics before he can be blown off. Continue checking that line until it no longer reads. Handle each chain by going through the L3RG until it is handled. One may need to go through the list seve'ral times for a chain to get all the charge off. Sometimes a bt/cl has the incident on a wrong flow and has tried to handle an overt as a motivator or vice-versa. As each line is handled check for wrong indications for others.


Check for and handle each of the following checking afterwards for copies and wrong indications

A bt/cl given a wrong date

A bt/cl given a wrong location

A bt/cl given a partial date

A bt/cl given a partial location

A bt/cl given someone else's date

A bt/cl given someone else's location

A bt/cl given an implanted date


On this step check for interest before going into it. If the pc isn't interested then leave it.

Make up a list of all past auditors and include solo and self auditing. Assess the list for reads. If past folders are available then the list would be made from them. Otherwise ask the pc but be aware of the possibility of occluded auditing that may come into view later. One would, again if folders are available, use a FFT which included all past R3R actions. L&N and dianetic lists should also be available. Take a list of auditors that you have assessed and by largest read handle their auditing as follows

1. Taking items from the FFT chronologically check if the item reads. Only proceed with it if it does.

2. Ask what error was made using an L3RG if the pc can't get it.

3. Indicate reading bpc

4. Find and handle bt/cls who have that charge (they may have blown)

5. Handle any copies.

6. Re-check the item for read and repeat 2 – 5 until not reading.

7. Continue through and handle each reading item from the FFT. Continue handling each auditor in order of reads. The action could well EP before getting through the list of auditors. If pc folders are not available each auditor and ask for errors in their auditing handling each with 2 – 6 above.rechecking the auditor for a read and taking up further items if reading. This latter method does have the advantage of not digging into unreading material at all and could be a better method to use even when folders are to hand.


Assess method 3 and handle an LDN III as per the issue on handling repair lists. After this is done or during the action if it seems likely one can check if doing the LDN acted as a wrong indication for others.


Various errors can be made on AL3 that do not get picked up at the time. Bt/cls messed up on 3 often partially blow to a perimeter 6 – 10 feet out from the body and hang up there. Check for 'bt or cluster messed up on AL3' on the meter. Locate the bt/cl in relation to the body. Ask what error was made or if not easily found then assess the AL3 repair assessment, indicating the first reading item. If it doesn't blow right away then handle using AL3 procedure continuing to assess for errors on that bt/cl if necessary. Continue handling bt/cls in similar fashion until the original question no longer reads. One would check suppress and inval if it doesn't BD. One can use AL5 valence or other techniques to blow the bt/cl if it doesn't handle easily with AL3 procedure.


l. Earlier inc 1

2. Earlier universe

3. Earlier inc 1 suppressed

4. Earlier inc 1 invalidated

5. Earlier universe suppressed

6. Earlier universe invalidated

7. No inc 1 but ran another's

8. No inc 2 but ran another's

9. Being an inc 1

10. Being an inc 2

11. Being a picture

12. Misowned engrams

13. Clear

14. Mocked up an incident to run it

15. On earlier similar ran someone else's

16. Misownership of incident

17. Misconception about time

18. Couldn’t find inc 1 so mocked it up

19. Imaginary incident

20. Disturbed while running an incident

21. Incomplete erasure

22. Unrun inc 1 in restim

23. Unrun inc 2 in restim

24. Jumped to another bt/cl

25. Unflat incident

26. Bt thinks he's a cluster

27. Cluster thinks he's a bt

28. Partially blown

29. Stuck in a ridge

30. Stuck in a body part

31. Stuck in an unhandled bt or cluster

32. Out-int

33. Wrong item

34. Out list

35. Wrong indication

36. Mishandled cumulative cluster

37. Some other case trouble


The method of handling a bt/cl who is PTS is to ask 'who or what are you PTS to'. One should get an answer which is correct for some members of the cluster and those should blow off. One then indicates to the remainder that it was a wrong item for them. The remainder of the cluster should then respond to the usual handlings. One can have 'genetic bts' who are convinced they are part of a genetic line. They pass down from parents, grandparents and so on. Bt/cls can go into restim on coming across someone they were PTS to in an earlier lifetime. Sickness is usually some form of PTSness but it can be a bt or cluster that is PTS and impinging upon the body. There can be bt/cls in remote points attached to persons the pc is being PTS to. If the pc's attention is stuck on them they can be audited and this should produce a change in the other person as the bt/cl holding the situation in place has gone. On this step one checks for bt/cls who are PTS and handles as above. If the pc has a PTS situation that does not resolve on the above then a handling would be programmed based on the tech of PTS handling and the issues of this level.


The basic handling of R/Sing statements culled from folders is to orient the pc to the session and statement then locate the bt/cl with the charge and handle him to blow. An R/S means a heavy ev purp in the area of the R/S. This R/S should turn back on when one gets the location of the bt/cl.- They can be cumulative clusters that need D/L EMI handling and the R/S may not come off until basic is gotten. The ev purp may well be mentioned in the handling or the bt/cl might get into a situation of listing it in which case one would complete the list. One may need to list for the ev purp in order to blow the bt/cl. One could use the question 'what evil purpose do you have' and list to BD F/N item. A quite likely situation is that there is one bt in a cluster who is psychotic and restimulates all the others. It could also be that the cluster is held together by some mutual evil intention received in an engram or implant. While the above handlings can be used if the folders are available and there are relevant R/Ses noted therein this may not often be the case. In order to fully handle the areas of ev purps and R/Ses on the case the C/S should be very familiar with the technology of expanded dianetics and a program worked out to handle this aspect of the case for the particular pc.


A thetan running a body has made a primary mistake in believing that the mass, opaqueness and sensation he perceives is that of the body when it is actually coming from bts and clusters. One has the pc spot masses that are not the body. He then blows them by the valence technique or preferably by inspection. The actual situation is that bt/cls stick to each other rather than the body. When a person thinks he has finished AL3 he has mistaken bt/cls for the mass of the body. In actual fact the whole solidity he experiences is from a false body of cohesed bts and clusters. When these are cleared up the body is transparent to the pc. Bt/cls go into the valence of body parts then others stick to them and misown the misconceptions. They build up into a false body which can assume the shape of the physical body itself. The pc's perception has to come up to the point of being able to see and differentiate this mass from the body. It is built up of layers upon layers of beings and has to be handled layer by layer or section by section rather all at once. Sections can be separated apart using the thetan hand technique. Looking at the masses internally rather than just at the outside tends to dissipate them. During this step one would encounter pictures stuck to the body and superimposed, beings who went on, a central core of the body that others have stuck to, those being a body or body part and others who need to have overts cleared up of making clusters and false bodies. The pc on this step will probably need to be taught to look for the actual mass of the being rather than the pictures it puts up. He should experience lessening of body mass, realizations that the mass is not the body and the body itself becoming less tense and rigid as well as other cognitions on points in this issue.


On this step one has the pc look at the parts of the body and examine any solidity thereof. He should then blow it by inspection or valence handling. The auditor could call of body parts and check them for read taking up any that do so. One will find bt/cls being the various parts of the body and some regard themselves as indispensable. They can be in the beingness of deformed or broken body parts as well as negative items such as 'no head'. One can come across all the phenomena mentioned in the various issues of this level. The pc's attention should extrovert onto the environment on this step and masses will start blowing off more quickly.


The auditor has the pc look for masses around the body. They could be right up close or at quite a distance. The pc's attention may also go onto bt/cls on others' bodies and these can be picked off. His ability to handle them at a distance should have increased by this step. He will probably come across attention going onto remote points such as implant stations where there are bt/cls hung up. He may come across hypnotized or sleeping beings as well as those who are hiding, invisible or secretive. The body should be getting its space stabilized on this step as bt/cls who are causing distortions blow off. It should be under better control and loosening up a lot.


This step is one of just finding anything in the way of masses that the pc can perceive and blowing them off. One is aiming at pulling available charge off the case. The phenomena of finding some that are hard to blow then a lot of easy ones is likely to be encountered.


Bts and clusters tend to stick into each others' creations. One thetan mocks up a ridge of some sort and others get trapped in it. One should handle the being that mocked it up then any others who are still there and keeping it in existence. These latter beings generally blow off by inspection. They just have very low havingness and obsessively mock up anything familiar. The auditor has the pc look for any ridges or the remains of ridges and masses and handle these as above. One would come across bt/cls being parts of each others pictures, some hard to blow solid bt/cls, out-int, stuck flows and those being ridges or stuck in, behind or around ridges. There is a situation one can have of 2 bts pushing against each other forming a ridge. Both have to be handled to blow it. This step should clear up a lot of body distortions and leave the pc feeling quite well.


This step is designed to pull off the heavy clusters who have stuck flows. These are the tougher ones with very heavy out-int. Clear the quad flows, inflow, outflow and no-flow then the flows on the assessment sheet. Have the pc read the lines with attention directed onto a sraall part of the body and note the reads. If you get a BD F/N on assessment then indicate it and don't run the recall step as it has already blown. Take the largest reading item and run 'recall (assessment item)' on that location to a BD F/N. Continue until that section of the body is handled then move to another. Ensuring that the pc limits his attention to small areas will prevent over-restimulation. One continues as above handling the whole body until you have an F/Ning assessment at high sensitivity. As one continues with the step the sensitivity will have to be set higher and higher to get reads. Any smallest change of charactistic would be taken up.

Flow 0 Inflow

Flow 0 Outflow

Flow 1 Inflow

Flow 1 Outflow

Flow 2 Inflow

Flow 2 Outflow

Flow 3 Inflow

Flow 3 Outflow

No flow on flow 0

No flow on flow 1

No flow on flow 2

No flow on flow 3


On this step one is generally addressing areas of somatics and the body as a whole with all the techniques available. At this point in the program one should encounter some new phenomena such as transferred bt/cls from others who have physical conditions, identityless bts, those who are stuck in drugs used in part -of the body,and some who compulsively refuse to mock up pictures. The pc's own exterior perceptics should be increasing by now and he rnay well find parts of the body that for the first time have nothing in them. He could also cognite on mocking up pictures due to loss of memory.


A chronic somatic still in place indicates that there are missed bt/cls. The various earlier steps of the program may not have been fully taken up in that area. There are quite a few ways in which they can be missed. To handle a chronic somatic the auditor should go through the checklist for the step on that somatic and handle until the area is resolved. There are bt/cls who are hidirig or in secrecy. There can be small dense masses that expand to a huge size before blowing. Clusters can be distorting the body or causing damage to it. There can be totally inert masses who are dead or being mest and molecules. Essentially in takes more than one bt to create a somatic and the heavier somatics are a couple of clusters in opposition. It takes 2 terminals to create energy in an aberrated fashion. One could have a somatic by postulate but that is a higher level. A somatic could be held in place because of earlier auditing errors or errors on this level. Somatics that appear on the steps would be errors of some sort such as wrong items or indications. One can come across the phenomena of an 'aura' which is actually a very electronic grouping of bt/cls. Some of them are putting it there and the rest get stuck. There can be a mock-up of a body complete with bt/cls all in a super-compressed state. There are bt/cls being body conditions such as 'tiredness'. There can be sceneries with various bts being parts of the scene. Negative beingness is a principal factor in somatics where a bt/cl is being the negative of something such as 'no brain' or 'no feeling'. One of these holds its opposite in place and causes a persistant somatic.


1. Cluster in one location mocking up mass in another.

2. Mass mistaken for the body itself.

3. Hiding.

4. Secretive.

5. Invisible.

6. Withdrawn.

7. Bt/cl holding others in.

8. Very small dense mass.

9. Cluster causing damage.

10. Cluster being a damaged body part.

11. Refusing to make pictures.

12. Obsessive mock-ups.

13. Inert masses.

14. Dead.

15. Being mest.

16. Being molecules.

17. An aura.

18. Super condensed body.

19. Inside a ridge.

20. Behind a ridge.

21. Beyond a ridge.

22. Being a body condition.

23. Stuck in another's picture.

24. Negative beingness.

25. Two clusters in opposition.

26. Two bts in opposition.

27. Bt opposed to a cluster.

28. Masses of bts and clusters in opposition.

29. Bt/cl held between opposing masses.

30. Errors in earlier auditing.

31. Errors in advanced level 5.

32. Missed an earlier step.


Have the pc look into each part of the body in turn. One handles masses that kick in as he tries to do this until he can cleanly look toward and into any part of the body. Each area should become transparent and cease to impede either his perception or control. One could find these masses out at quite a distance and heavy ones that need to be split off with the thetan hand technique. One can find bt/cls with false conditions that thought, for instance, that they had out-int when they didn't but had misconceptions or were just copying others' conditions.


When the pc has been on the level for quite a while his ability to handle beings at a distance has increased but he may still be limiting his attention to the body. There are usually a number of bts and clusters further out on various perimeters who put mass on the body and distort it. To find these one doesn't want to get into their wavelength but to put attention onto the outer perimeter whereupon they try to pull attention back in and are noticeable. They are trying to get attention but can't. One rapud way of blowing this type of thetan is to have them recall when they first wanted attention. They blow on spotting it. They get attention by creating somatics and pictures. They go into masses to get attention which is the basic on going into bodies at all. There are some who don't want attention and will try to put one unconscious if one looks at them. One should have the pc look toward the outer perimeter and something will appear to be handled. Handle it then continue directing attention to the outer perimeter. One can contact black masses that stir things up quite a lot. There are probably several perimeters. On this step one could encounter heavy bt/cls holding others in, bt/cls putting somatics and sensations into the body, bt/cls acting as relays for perception and sensation, false auras, layers of bt/cls in similar case states and pairs of bts or clusters in opposite beingnesses held together. This step should extend the pc's space and improve perception.


Bt/cls can get heavily fixated into misunderstood words. Considerable trouble can be caused by this as one tends to misown the misunderstood phenomena. Often they don't understand things one reads or hears and get hung up in it. If they don't understand auditing commands then one has to put them across conceptually. One finds that auditing conceptually goes faster as a general operating basis anyway. The pc should be drilled on conceptualization of auditing commands if he is not already doing this. Clear the words concept, idea, thought, spoken words, written words. and pictures. Then clear the concept of auditing without language or pictures. Now drill thinking thoughts without words and thinking thoughts while verbalizing something else.

Once he can do this, then assess the following list:

A bt with a misunderstood

in auditing commands

in auditing questions

in spoken words

in reading matter

in entertainment

in study

in english

in foreign languages



On any read locate the bt/cl and handle to a blow using conceptual auditing. Then check for any others reading on that same line and handle. Run through the list until nothing reads then generally check for bt/cls with misunderstoods.


After all the earlier steps are done one goes through the body picking up anything left using all the techniques of the level. At this point in the program one may have to run engrams on bt/cls in order to handle them as one is now into the heaviest cases. There can be quite a complexity of crossed chains so one should limit engram running to the mutual incident for the whole mass. It is also permissible to run grades on a bt/cl.


In the case of injury where an assist is required one can use touch assists, contact assists and D/L of the incident. D/L could also be used on a secondary making sure that one gets the beginning of the incident. EMIs should be handled then individuals and copies. In the case of a physical condition of long duration there are a number of steps to ensure a full handling. Ask the pc what caused it. If this gets into listing then treat it as such and get the item. Normally it is the first thing mentioned. Check for bt/cls being or resisting the item. Get the body part(s) affected by the item. Check for bt/cls being the body part or its absence then' any bt/cls in that physical location. Find and handle bt/cls being cures for the illness then any that are protesting cures for the illness. You should then be able to take up the original body part again and handle bt/cls being it, being not it or in that location. Then recheck the original item and handle those being it and those resisting it. Find and handle bt/cls with engrams on the item and those who had engrams run relating to the item. Then check for and handle any that had it as a wrong item and those who copied or misowned the item. A period of illness involving the condition would be checked for as a cluster making incident and handled as such if necessary.


A pc needing drug handling at this level should first have finished the purif rundown. If drugs are coming up as a recurring item and the pc hasn't done advanced level 4 then one would specifically address them with level 5 techniques. This would best be done after the repair of earlier auditing. Bt/cls can go into the beingness of drugs, trips and drug pictures. The handling is essentially the same as AL4 and is covered in that level. One would handle individuals with AL5 handlings rather than inc 1 and 2. When one takes up each reading drug there are additional categories of items that should be taken up. These are bt/cl being the drug, being a drug trip, being a drug picture, being (misemotion given) and being negative items. The above can also be placed in assesments. The LDN used in AL4 would be replaced by the AL5 repair list.