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Meridian Sciences, is a nanotechnology company focused on improving the immune functions in human body through a natural water catalyst called “Life Crystal” that naturally stimulates and actually “triggers” the body’s immune system. 

In a recent clinical trial, 9 patients blood were analyzed over a 45 day period while drinking the Life Crystal.  The results were startling with 8 out of 9 showing dramatic improvements in their immune system function.

The Company has commenced the largest human trial ever conducted by a homeopathic research institute in conjunction with a host of nonprofit organizations presently focused on research in Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Lupus and Parkinson’s diseases, among others.

We invite you to explore this newly discovered but ancient secret—a nano size cluster of H2O natural water clusters we believe may be the “transistor” of life appropriately called the “Life Crystal”.





    • A Three-month treatment and clinical analysis will put the person on track to recovery from their terminal ilness.
    • Doctors will demonstrate through testing and analysis, each patients progress and diagnosis and measures of improvem,ent in their condition[s].
    • $1000.00
    • In stock

    • CHild will remain under the care of Doctor receiving daily non toxic, non chemical, and all natural treatment for a period of one year
    • Child will visit the Doctor and submit to testing and evaluation at least once a month as needed.
    • SPONSOROR will be given monthly progress reports
    • $10000.00
    • In stock

    A one-time membership fee payment entitles members to services provided by the corporation at cost, and for regular shipment of highly demanded and patent protected natural product, as provided by the corporation

    Membership also entitles the member to one-vote on matters taken before the corporation.

    Members are also entitled to one-session with our scientific panel of experts

    • $1500.00
    • In stock


To better understand Meridian Crystal’s immune system enhancer product and the technology behind it, one should spend a moment to view its trail of research and development.  It began formally, in 1988, when a very prominent French Immunologist and researcher, J. Benveniste, offered a paper for publishing to Nature (Nature is considered one of the top scientific journals in the world).


Benveniste was a renowned research physician who was credited with the discovery of platelet-activating factor (a landmark 1970 human immune function discovery) and had been published extensively throughout the world.  His worldwide renown was the reason that Nature quickly and openly accepted his paper for publishing. 


However, regardless of who is submitting, prior to publishing all scientific papers are refereed (a panel of experts in the field read and decide upon the legitimacy of the work).  I am sure, to Nature’s amazement, the paper was rejected.  The committee reported that the results of Benveniste’s experiments were outside the boundaries of known medical science.


Nevertheless, because of Benveniste’s reputation and the potential ramifications of the work described in his results, the reviewing panel compromised and offered to publish if the results could be repeated in separate controlled laboratories. The study was replicated in five labs in four countries, with the same results.  After months of debate from the referees, and despite significant reservations on the part of the editors, Nature consented to publish with their famous disclaimer:  "There is no objective explanation of these observations." 


This infamous paper, Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE, Nature Vol. 333, 30 June 1988, summarizes Benveniste work which he began sometime in early 1987, and in essence states that he has found valid evidence for ultra-low dosages--or what has been called, Homeopathy in alternative medicine circles. 


His series of experiments study the effect of antibodies on basophiles (white blood cells).  It is a simple experiment showing that when white blood cells are exposed to a particular antibody, the cell structure changes in a fashion that can be measured optically. See Fig 1.   


His researched showed that the same reaction would occur statistically as the solutions of antibody were diluted. In other words, you could visually see the influence on the cell on a one-for-one dilution, but at a one for ten dilution, you saw only one influence out of ten, at a hundred parts dilution, one reaction in a hundred attempts, etc.; but, and this is was the cause of the debate and apprehension on the part of the editors, at a one-part-per-million and greater dilutions, the original reaction would reappear and continued to reappear, every time.


Benveniste theorized that the original antibody acted somehow as a 'template', and for some reason altered the electromagnetic properties of the water it was suspended in when dilutions reached one part per million.   


The problem Benveniste faced was that no scientific model or conventional theory explained why such a reaction occurred and more precisely, explained why it occurred only at dilutions of 1 part per million or greater.  This left his work open to any and all misinterpretations--most of which centered on contaminations within his solutions.


Consequently, even though repeatable (if one followed his exact protocols), his paper became a battleground of scientific debate.  It is reminiscent of the discovery of bacteria where though it was first observed in 1676 by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, it was still widely disbelieved some 200 years later until Joseph Lister in 1865 demonstrated how major surgery could be performed without infection.  Even then, it was widely debated and the practice of washing one’s hands prior to surgery took another 40 years.


Unfortunately for mankind in general, the outcome of the debate over Benveniste work was a bit similar in outcome.  Nature editors eventually wrote an article stating that it had been a mistake to have originally published without extensive research and later claimed that the original research had to have been flawed. They demonstrated that several other labs were unsuccessful in replicating the results (although this is easily explained by incorrect procedures and sloppy protocols) and finally called the entire year long episode; bad science, and basically told its readers that they were not going to talk about that subject any longer.


Of course, many suspected, and suspected correctly, that this was due to extreme pressure brought about by pharmaceutical vested interests, as in essence, Benveniste work demonstrated that even if there were a need for a chemical treatment within the immune system, the amount needed would be millions of times less than the current prescription given by the pharmaceutical companies.  Also, such a medication, would not come under the regulatory arm of the FDA as it was, by their own guidelines, far below conventionally detectable and measurable limits.


With Nature being the opinion leader within the scientific world, and they openly stating that the subject was bad science, Benveniste, one of the great immunologists of this past century, became the target of numerous attacks by big Pharma-controlled scientific circles.  Benveniste eventually lost his tenure at a prestigious French university along with his funding for his research and writing.


This debate had long since been buried in controversy when David Gann in 1993 began experimenting with a series of ultra-low concentrations of a water-based catalyst that had been prepared in a homeopathic method.  Although highly unpredictable at that time, in one particular preparation he discovered an extremely strong catalytic property. He brought it to the attention of his friend and Visiting Professor of Physics at Cal Tech, Dr. Shui-yin Lo, who had a worldwide reputation in particle physics. Having many of Dr. Lo’s Cal Tech associates and the Cal Tech lab facilities at their disposal, Gann and Lo began an analysis of the promising water-based catalyst.  The first series of tests demonstrated that the solution was chemically simply pure water, but on further analysis utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), an unusual characteristic was discovered.

 Fig. 2  


Dr. Lo then began to research the scientific papers on the known physical characteristics of water along, with the non-scientific and art-like practice known in alternative medicine as homeopathy.  Benveniste’s name came up while digging through the research, and after reading his paper Lo gained insight into the underlying mechanics which were occurring in the solution that he and Gann had at hand.  Fig. 3


Because of the methodology of Benveniste’s work, Lo began building a mathematical model based upon the electrical charges of a single-charged particle and how they might relate that charge phenomena to the surrounding water molecules. After numerous calculations, a pattern evolved which became the basis for all following experimentation and research.  The single-charged particle mathematical model began to predicted more and more exactly why Benveniste’s basophile/antibody reaction occurred precisely at dilutions below one part per million.


It also predicted other unknown characteristics of such a solution which were later tested and verified.


The results of this research including all experimentation was reported in Dr. Lo’s 1996 white paper published in Modern Physics Letters B. Vol. 10, No. 19 Anomalous State Of Ice.  That paper describes in detail the mathematical model and the discovery of the particle he then called Ie.  He called it Ie after Ice form from an electrical charge. Simply stated, if you dilute something that is water soluble (will separate into single ions), at a dilution of one-part-per-million the distance between the ions is great enough that the single-charged particles no longer consistently collide.  Those that failed to collide, collapse inward due to their inherent electrical potential.  Because they are in solution, and due to the proximity of neighboring water molecules, upon collapse they pull 8 water molecules inward toward their center.  The resulting implosion pressures can be calculated and are presented in the above referenced paper.


Therefore, ice-like crystals form not because of temperature but because of the resulting high pressures.  Small nano-sized crystals are formed and attract other like particles to form larger crystals eventually becoming stable at 1 micron in diameter and 3 microns in length.


The answer to the question,  “why doesn’t this occur naturally in water?” is answered by the fact that


al water is never without dissolved solids, in other words there are thousands, millions of particles within normal water (minerals, metals, oils, and contaminants of all kinds).  Benvensite’s solutions were made with ultra pure, triple distilled water, allowing the dilutions to reach levels of one part per million or less without contamination that would have destroyed the above mechanism.


Based on what Lo’s model predicted, he began to make concentrated solutions employing the understanding his model allowed him.  Soon he was able to filter and photograph the particles he had named Ie.  Fig. 4 



The photographs then validated further the original mathematical model as the ice-like crystals were exactly the size and dimensions predicted by the model.


Hundreds of photographs of the particle were taken using a scanning electron and atomic force microscope.  One particular photo taken by Gann showed that a solution made using a single charged particle of platinum demonstrated strong antibacterial actions.


Because of that photo, contact was made with Dr. Benjamin Bonavida who was the head of the Dept. of Immunology at UCLA.  Bonavida became interested in the work as his only success in stimulating T-Cells had been with solutions which contained actual platinum.  Bonavida commented to Gann that platinum was one of the only true immunogens, but had significant toxic effects in the body.

A series of experiments (controlled blind studies) were designed and that work is represented in the paper by Bonavida (INDUCTION








The solutions used were Bonavida's actual platinum solution, a control and then the ice-like crystals which had been formed around a single charged platinum ion, but in fact contained no platinum.


Bonavida’s results showed that the ice-like solutions were thousands of times more active than his chemical platinum solutions or the controls.


This was an exciting result as it showed that the specific crystals were extremely active in stimulating T-Cells to secrete specific cytokines (cytokines are small secreted proteins which mediate and regulate immunity; the ones specific to the study were those which the body utilizes to fight cancer). These blind studies overwhelmingly supported not only Benveniste’s earlier work, but with the advent of a valid scientific model in place, a new understanding of the mechanisms of ultra-low doses opened the door to hundreds of safe revolutionary treatments for a host of serious illnesses. 


Plus, knowing how the particles formed gave the exact answer as to why so many homeopathic remedies did not work.  There is a definite science as to how one makes a correct solution, and the model also predicted (and subsequently proved) that certain concentrations are necessary for the crystals to remain stable.


This work has created a foundation to create a matrix of tailored triggers-- in other words, “mimic antigens” (these would be ice-like crystals which initiate an immune response) causing the body to form antibodies (proteins produced by lymphocytes which would then attack real antigens).  In plan terms, one could  jump-starting the immune system.


Not only could these be used to treat life-threatening illnesses, but a host of safe, extremely effective over-the-counter preparations, antihistamines, pain killers, sleep aids, diet aids, anti-inflammatory preparations, antibiotics, numerous cold remedies, immune system boosters (which would actually work, Bonavida discovered that in over 20 years of research he had never found a health food store immune system booster to work in a blind study); plus, the same technology could be used in hundreds of industrial catalytic applications.


Most recently, world renowned Dr. Norman Shealy has undertaken a clinical trial using what we now call an energized homeopathic solution.  Ten healthy volunteers underwent extensive blood analysis specific for immune function and were then given water treated with the energized homeopathic crystals.  Each drank 4 glass of the water each day for 45 days. 


On the 15th of December, 2007, blood was again taken from the subjects and we are currently awaiting the results. 


At this moment we are standing at the bottom of a mountain of information that can bring about a renaissance not only in the field of medicine, but in a host of industrial processes--the possibilities are nearly endless.  Both Lo and Gann have stated that the discovery of this particle can be likened to the discovery of the transistor, and will have similar long-term and vast influences in our way of life.


We hope this gives you a better understanding of the technology, with its potential of creating healthy solutions for millions.  We look forward to talking further about this project and how we can put together the funding and to launch the Dr. Shealy opportunity with an entire line of future products utilizing this groundbreaking technology.




Meridian Sciences Org.

  • Patent-Pending revolutionary technology


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Meridian Crystal Immune Booster


Over a decade of research has perfected the Meridian Crystal’s immune boosting, and all-natural, homeopathic method of enhancing the body’s own natural defense system. This unique technology utilized in Meridian Crystal Water contains electrically-charged, polar-particles of pure H2O that create specific trigger reactions within the bloodstream to stimulate the body’s natural immune system.  In short, Meridian Water safely triggers and boosts the immune system to aid the body in combating illnesses.

Tests, conducted by the head of the prestigious Department of Immunology at UCLA, first demonstrated that specific polar-charged homeopathic solutions proved to be one of the only true immunogenic solutions tested that produced no toxic side effects. Ongoing twelve-year research vindicated the theory that these polar-charged particles do indeed contain a true immune trigger.

This has been and continues to be a most exciting discovery; specific polar-charged-particles actively stimulating T-Cells to secrete cytokines (small proteins secreted by the body that mediate and regulate immunity). The cytokines specific to the study were those that the body utilizes to fight a variety of diseases. These blind studies overwhelmingly supported not only earlier work, but also, with the advent of continual research, a valid scientific model emerged to solidify a new understanding of the mechanism of ultra-low doses.  This new insight now opens the door to hundreds of safe, revolutionary treatments for a host of serious diseases.

For example, in the fall of 2007, the Meridian Water was tested in an IRB approved protocol, 10 healthy subjects that had baseline blood drawn to measure cytokine production. The serum was frozen and saved until completion of the study. There were 3 healthy males and 7 females, aged 26 to 74. 20 drops of LifeSpring Crystal Water was added to each gallon of purified or distilled water.  Each subject was asked to drink one quart daily of the treated purified or distilled water daily.  

After six weeks blood was drawn again and both baseline and final blood samples were sent to a research laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, Hershey, for analysis.  Results showed significant increases in Interferon-Y (a disease fighting cytokine).

This scientific breakthrough establishes a foundation to create a matrix of tailored triggers with the capability to “mimic antigens” (tailoring LifeSpring Crystal solutions to initiate a specific immune response).  With such tailored triggers, the body could produce specific naturally occurring immune antibodies. In plain terms, one could jump-start the immune system.

In addition to immune system triggers, the LifeSpring Crystal technology could become a cornerstone in creating a host of safe, extremely effective, over-the-counter preparations to include antihistamines, pain killers, sleep aids, diet aids, anti-inflammatory preparations, as well as numerous cold and allergy remedies.  These over-the-counter products would actually work and best of all, work with no adverse side effects.










Meridian Crystal


Over a decade of research has led to the scientific discovery of a solid, stable water-cluster. These naturally occurring “crystals” (as we refer to them in the lab due to their size and structure), have now been isolated, analyzed and photographed.  Most recent studies show these Solid Stable Water-Clusters to be formed from multiple pure-water molecules linked together by polar charges;  one end is positive, the opposing negative.


Due to their size, structure and charge arrangement, our group has hypothesized that this may be the first scientific evidence for the existence of, (what Chinese Medicine has for two thousand years been based upon), Meridians.

Therefore we have coined the term Meridian Crystal to describe our discovery.

For nearly all of recorded history, the Chinese have based their healing practices upon the concept that a Meridian System exists as the single senior control element within the human body. Per Chinese Medicine, it coordinates all other systems: the nervous, the blood circulatory, the hormonal and the lymphatic systems. If any illness occurs, one can resolve the illness by affecting the associated meridian.  It must be returned to its “normal or balanced” state for the body to regain a homogeneous balance thereby allowing the immune system to correctly identify and destroy the attacking external force.

Acupuncture, according to current and ancient theory, manipulates meridians thus allowing the flow of “qi” or life energy to resolve problem areas-- unblocking pathways to allow the electrical charge to flow.

Our current discovery validates these assumptions by demonstrating that there actually exists a Solid Stable Water Cluster which contains a polar charge capable of linking end-to-end to form an electrical circuit throughout the body.  Also the recent understanding of the formation mechanics of this “crystal” demonstrates that they could naturally occur within the body due to the natural workings of specific cells.

This research began some 13 years ago with tests first conducted by B. Bonivida, the head of the prestigious Department of Immunology UCLA Medical School. There, these charged solutions proved extremely effective as true immunogenic stimulants. Showing no toxic side effects, these particles actively stimulated T-Cells to secrete cytokines (small proteins secreted by the body that mediate and regulate immunity). The cytokines specific to the study were those that the body utilizes to fight a variety of life threatening diseases. These (57) blind studies became the impetus for further valid scientific research and helped construct our first “wellness model”.  This model focused upon the concept that millions of years of genetic engineering had created a successful organism and that survival information was transmitted electrically via a system of immune triggers.  These immune “triggers” identify non-optimum body conditions and employ DNA coded prior solutions to once again attack enemy forces.

More recently, world renowned neurosurgeon and medical researcher, Dr. Norman Shealy conducted in the fall of 2007, using 10 healthy subjects, an IRB approved clinical trial.  With baseline blood drawn to measure cytokine production (the serum was frozen and saved until completion of the study) the subjects drank 4 glasses of distilled water treated with the “Crystals” (20 drops of crystal water to each gallon of distilled). 

After six weeks blood was drawn again and both baseline and final blood samples were sent to a research laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, Hershey, for analysis.  Results showed significant increases in Interferon-Y (a disease fighting cytokine).

With each step of this research we come closer to a true understanding of the innate workings of the body’s immune system as well as a scientific breakthrough to establish a matrix of tailored crystals to act as immune triggers, potentially achieving the ability to “mimic antigens” (tailoring Crystals to initiate a specific immune response).  With such tailored triggers, the body could produce specific naturally occurring immune antibodies. In plain terms, one could jump-start the immune system.

Our group feels that we are at the doorstep of creating a host of safe, extremely effective remedies for a host of life threatening illnesses. We welcome your interest and support. 

Please fill out the information card below if you wish to be contacted as more information becomes public.
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3525 Del Mar Heights Road # 163
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United States

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