Attractor Bump Simulation

This is an interactive simulation of an attractor bump, written in Matlab.
Feel free to download the zip file, or just browse the source code.

To run this software:

  1. Start up Matlab.
  2. cd to the directory containing this code, e.g., in the Matlab command window you would type:
       >>   cd myfiles/bump/code
  3. Type "bump" in the Matlab command window.


For more information, see:
Touretzky, D. S. (2005) Attractor network models of head direction cells. In. S. I. Wiener and J. S. Taube (Eds.), Head Direction Cells and the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Directional Orientation, pp. 411-432. MIT Press.

Dave Touretzky
Funded in part by National Institutes of Health MH 59932.

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