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The Mind Benders, Scientology

by Cyril Vosper

Plates from The Mind Benders

Scanned from the 1971 Neville Spearman edition (ISBN 0 85435 061 6), July 1996, and the 1973 Mayflower edition (ISBN 0 583 12449 3), April 1998, by David Gerard.

[1971 front cover - 29K GIF][1973 front cover - 28.5K GIF]

1971 hardback front cover - 151K JPEG - 1973 paperback front cover - 58K JPEG.

[Declaration of an Enemy - 16.5K GIF]

Frontispiece (paperback): 'Declaration of an Enemy.' - text - 62K JPEG

[Vosper with auditor - 28K GIF]

'A typical auditing session, looking over the auditor's shoulder.' - 60K JPEG. (The person being audited is in fact Vosper himself.)

[Saint Hill Manor - 28K GIF]

'Saint Hill Manor, the head quarters of Scientology.' - 91K JPEG

[David Gaiman - 22K GIF]

'David Gaiman, Spokesman for Scientology, started a fast to death in Whitehall, London, on 13th March 1970, in protest against the ban on entry of Scientology students. Thinner but still alive he gave up on the 27th March 1970.' - 29K JPEG.

[L. Ron Hubbard - 29K GIF]

'L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.' - 105K JPEG.

[Scientology's last word to the author. - 12K GIF]

'Scientology's last word to the author.' ("19.9.68 CYRIL VOSPER. FIND OUT WHO YOU REALLY ARE. WHO ARE YOU? Peter D Warren Public Ethics Officer") - 116K JPEG.

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