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Cover Letter to Jon Atack

Otto Roos wrote The O.J. Roos Story in response to a request by Jon Atack, who was gathering the memoirs of former Scientologists as part of the research for his book, A Piece of Blue Sky (Carol Publishing Group, New York, 1990). Roos sent his manuscript under this cover letter, as transcribed by Homer Wilson Smith.

Mr. John Atack,                                         HOLLAND "Avalon"
Cranston Road, East Grinstead (W. Sussex RH19 3HG) England
7th Sept. '84
                     Ref: Our Phone Call last night
     Dear John,
     Thank you for your Dn/Scn computer print time track.
     Per our phone call it was understood that you wanted some objective
info from people who had had close connections to Dn/Scn and especially
      Following a time sequence, hereby is data as experienced over the
     Other's histories are not included, as it would have become a book.
     The data is not complete, many specifics, names, dates, locations,
etc. have become lost.
     However, even then, it still became 26 pages.
     As this is also a kind of "Debrief", and as I (like anybody who was
close to LRH and subsequently left) was badly third partied and
slandered, this data may also be used to inform planet Earth that O. J.
Roos was not quite as bad as he has been made out to be and that he also
was one of the major contributors to the TECHNOLOGIES and TECHNICAL
                                          With best wishes,
                                          O. J. Roos
encl. The "O.J. Roos Story", 26 pages.

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