The Bare-Faced Messiah Interviews


L. Ron Hubbard would have got nowhere without two advantages which, in hindsight, he was extremely fortunate to enjoy: great charisma and a lot of devoted friends and followers. When he was doing the research for Bare-Faced Messiah, Russell Miller conducted interviews with a number of people who had known Hubbard at various times of his life - family, friends and followers. The documents linked below are the transcripts of these interviews. Curiously, even though several remembered Hubbard behaving in a sometimes appalling manner towards those in his power, the great majority remembered him with some affection.

A few more transcripts will be appearing here in the near future.

* Robert MacDonald Ford - US Senator & friend of Ron, 1938 - c1947

* Nieson Himmel - Ron's roommate in Jack Parsons' mansion, 1946

* "Barbara Kaye" - Ron's lover, 1950 - 1951

* Richard DeMille - Aide to Hubbard, 1950 - 1952

* Ken Urquhart - "LRH Personal Communicator", 1969 - c1975

* Kima Douglas - Hubbard's medical officer, 1973 - 1980

* David Mayo - Hubbard's personal auditor, 1973 - 1980

* Nancy Dincalci - Make-up artist for Hubbard's films, 1977 - 1979

Bare-Faced Messiah

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