Lee Pitcher (American Bureau of Investigations):
Bumbling Scientology Stooge

Lee C. Pitcher, owner of American Bureau of Investigations, is a private investigator based in Phoenix, AZ. Arizona State License #9303004.

American Bureau of Investigations
P.O. Box 15740
Phoenix, AZ

Business: (602) 257-1977
Fax: (602) 275-8835
Mobile: (602) 919-6234
Pager: (602) 389-5497
email: abii@mindspring.com or abii@goodnet.com
Ms. Pitcher was hired in 2001 by a cult group, the Church of Scientology, to investigate me. (I am a well-known Scientology critic.)

I spoke with Ms. Pitcher by telephone. She lied to me in a clumsy attempt to obtain financial information to which she was not entitled. She was surprisingly unprofessional for an "investigator"; she seemed completely out of her depth.

Ms. Pitcher has also reportedly admitted accepting money to investigate another Scientology critic whose band, Enturbulator 009, performs satirical songs poking fun at Scientology.

This information is being provided in the public interest. If you're looking for an investigator in the Phoenix area, you might want to consider the ethics of someone who willingly accepts dirty money from the group TIME Magazine called "the cult of greed and power".

Scientology has occasionally killed people. Lee Pitcher should find other work.

Other Scientology private investigators are listed here. Several have been involved in criminal activity in connection with their work for the cult.

Dave Touretzky
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