Operation Snow White - Project Bucket


Project Bucket was outlined in Guardian Order 732, as were all of the projects. The order says:


                      Project BUCKET

SWOT #28  UN vs Germany.

Reference: Enclosure re UN handling individual

If, as in each case where local remedies are exhausted
without success, Germany does not give satisfaction,
the GENOCIDE violations are to be taken to the
Sub-Commission on Human Rights.
               attorney for the UN
(a) Retain a new/or, if one already exists, use him.

(b) Collect all documents and petitions as per the
earlier German Tgt and SWOT #27.

(c) Do a rough draft of a petition for the Sub-
Commission with all relative documents.

(d) Review the petition against the Admissability
list to be sure that it will be admissable.

(e) Have the attorney do the final petition.

(f) Submit to the UN Sub-Commission.

(g) Cooperate with the Sub-Commission.

(h) Work with the German attorney to revive or
further the case, through the UN attorney.

(i) Exploit any advantages gained.

(j) See that the matter serves as a deterrent to
further attacks in Europe.

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