Operation Snow White - Project Coal


Project Coal was outlined in Guardian Order 732, as were all of the projects. The order says:


                      PROJECT COAL

SWOT NO. 27   West Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is peculiarly sensitive to a
charge of GENOCIDE as the Nazi behavior against Jews provided
the impetus for the Convention.  The country bends over
backwards to mend its reputation as criminals.  It is a

(a)  Coordinate with all GO actions and only operate through
the GO.  A suit is already in progress.

(b)  Using existing attorneys, obtain what legislation Germany
passed to enforce the GENOCIDE Convention which it signed and

(c)  Seek to obtain , by subpoena in any existing suit and
other legal means, any files or dossiers on Scn or its

(d)  Compile a list of names of those who have been violating
the Convention articles or its principles.

(e)  Do a rough draft of a petition to whatever authority
in Germany was specified in the legislation in (b) above.
Include all references and documents as well as the bona-fides
of Scn.  Cite those guilty of violations of the convention,
document exactly how and the clause violated.

(f)  Have the attorney do the final draft.

(g)  Submit the petition.

(h)  Exploit any advantages gained.

(i)  In case of no real success, be sure that all recourse
has been exhausted as this goes before the UN and the Eu

(j)  See that this concludes as a deterrant to further attacks.

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