Local News: Pot Luck

Pulse Weekly (www.pulseweekly.com)
by Adam Smith, Staff Writer
September 22, 2004

Local man Conrad Maulfair III, 37, was treated to an unpleasant surprise on Monday when his Hereford home was raided by state attorney general's office agents looking for a little reefer. Earlier that day, a Pennsylvania Army National Guard helicopter, flyin' high on a marijuana patrol, spotted the plants growing in a field and notified state agents.

Agents seized 10 pounds of freshly harvested weed (that would have weighed significantly less when cured, considering it was picked hours before agents arrived) that had an estimated street value of $10,000. They also confiscated one marijuana plant, packaging material and some freshly planted baby buds in Maulfair's home. Maulfair said he harvested the nuggets after he became suspicious of the helicopter. Guess he just couldn't smoke it all before officials got there.

Maulfair is being held in Berks County Prison on $100,000 bail and will face charges of possession and intent to deliver marijuana.

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