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On November 11, 2003, we were illegally locked out of scroll_t.gifour restaurant by Dr. Conrad & Colleen Maulfair, but more specifically, Colleen Maulfair. She just up and decided to change all the locks as a way to prevent us from gaining access to operate our business. She used Self-Help Eviction measures which are illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She had no grounds whatsoever to evict us. But she felt that she is "Colleen Maulfair", wife the the infamous holistic doctor, and she is invincible to any recourse whether morally balanced or legally justified.

For about 2 months prior to closing, (late September through October) we had been negotiating the expansion of the the cafe with the Maulfair's, as our business was growing immensely. In the 3 months that we were open, we had nearly quadrupled our business and profits. So the need for expansion was imminent. The Maulfair's had offered to fund this expansion in the way of a silent partnership. They were to lend the cafe $80,000.00 at a 'modest interest rate' of 12%, amortized monthly, for 5 years. From those funds, we were to expand, improve and construct the additional space for the restaurant, in their building. Remaining funds were to be used as working capital, to support the growing staff and supplies that would be needed.

In addition to the loan, we were also re-negotiating our existing 1-year lease, at $13.50/squ. ft. to now be a 5-year lease at a whopping $27.50/squ. ft. So you see, this would have been a very profitable venture for the Maulfair's.

All was going well. In fact so well that we even invited the Maulfair's to our home for our wedding on October 31st. They had informed us not to worry about November's rent because they knew that we were getting short on funds, also because Colleen was expecting a higher rent per the new lease agreement and loan. In other words, if you calculate the math, we paid $1910.00/month on our old lease, based off of $13.50/squ. ft. With the expansion, we would have not only increased the square footage amount to $27.50, but also been tripling our square footage as well. Well over 3500 square feet total on the new lease. You do the math! Plus, the new lease was to also now include a clause to state that ALL the equipment that we bought, including ALL furnishings would become her property if we defaulted on the lease. We were being setup to fail.

Once we returned from our honeymoon, we began re-discussing where our benefit came in, because up until this point, only the Maulfair's where profiting. At the mere mention re-negotiating our agreement, Colleen flew off the handle. Which would explain the purpose of her illegally changing the locks. I guess she must have figured I'd leave all my restaurant property there without a fight. GUESS AGAIN! Keep in mind, nothing was signed yet. We were still on our old lease agreement. She had no right to retain ANY of my property, change the locks, or ANYTHING!

I returned to the premises with a crew to recover my belongings. We cleared the place out, and were even nice enough to clean it far nicer than the way we rented it. I have about 4 rolls of film to prove it.

The Maulfair's decided to play dirty, and contact their attorney to file a claim against us for the accelerated rent for the remainder of the lease. In doing so, they attempted to garnish all of our accounts. We struck her action immediately, and appealed it in court. Once the judge heard the full situation, all of the accounts were released, and she lost her claim for the accelerated rent, our accounts were released and the war began! 

So now, as of February 23, 2004, we have formally filed a lawsuit against The Maulfair's and the Maulfair Medical Center in the amount of $447,560.00 plus punitive damages, plus interest, plus attorney's fees and plus court costs!


My cousin was an employee for the Maulfair's. She's been working there since September 2003. As of March, 2004 she was fired for an "undetermined" reason. Let's dig deeper, shall we?

She wasn't fired for performance, in fact, it was mentioned that she was an outstanding, valued employee by all her co-workers, including Colleen! Come to think of it, THERE WAS NO LEGITIMENT REASON! Colleen fired her "because of the situation".

What situation? Of course, when Colleen was questioned what she was referring to, she refused to say. Why Colleen? Afraid of getting sued again?

Let's just call it what it really is...a poor attempt of revenge, at the expense of a young, valuable employee, who has by the way, a newborn child, a mortgage and a hard working husband on the verge of being laid off! Shame on you! Have you no morals? Or maybe they don't teach that in 'scientology'. Find reality! Or it's going to find YOU!

Well, this lawsuit's purpose has just changed. It isn't just about recovering rightful losses for Cafe del Giardino anymore. This lawsuit is for ALL the people, who have since come forth, to reveal their their own sad dealings with the Maulfair's. I don't know how they sleep at night!

To read the actual lawsuit documentation, CLICK HERE

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