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ca. 1995: Ex-Hippie Turns Successful Businesswoman. scans: page 1, page 2
Profile of artist Elli Perkins, in which she credits Scientology with her success.
Written by family friend and fellow Scientologist Glenn Gramigna.
Metro Community News, Cheektowaga, NY.

March 14, 2003: Son Arrested in Woman's Fatal Knifing
T. J. Pignataro, The Buffalo News

March 16, 2003: Death Notice: Elli J. (Present) Perkins
The Buffalo News

March, 2003: Son Held in Stabbing Death of Hopkins Road Woman scan: here
The Amherst Bee

March 19, 2003: Justice Delays Hearing For Competency Examination
Buffalo News Staff

April 16, 2003: Man Held In Mother's Death Found Fit For Court Hearing
Buffalo News Staff

April 18, 2003: Man Held In Mother's Death To Undergo Psychiatric Tests
Buffalo News Staff

April 28, 2003: Ellie Perkins Will Be Missed!
Glenn Gramigna, -- Mr. Gramigna, himself a Scientologist, carefully avoids
mentioning Scientology when discussing Elli Perkins' beliefs.

June 4, 2003: Grand Jury Indicts Son In Fatal Stabbing Of Mother
Buffalo News Staff

June 4, 2003: Amherst Man Accused of Stabbing Mother to Death, Pleads Not Guilty
WIVB TV News 4: Marie Rice reports

July 29, 2003: Amherst Man Pleads Insanity In Killing Of Mother
Buffalo News Staff

November 15, 2003: More Mental Tests Ordered In Fatal Stabbing
Matt Gryta, The Buffalo News

December 24, 2003: State Mental Health Chief Scolded On Defendant Tests
Matt Gryta, The Buffalo News

January 28, 2004: Man Who Killed Mother Will Get More Treatment
Matt Gryta, The Buffalo News

October 17, 2004: No Perfect Prescription
Stephen Watson and Gene Warner, The Buffalo News

Buffalo News Special 2005 Report: Church of Scientology
by Mark Sommer

January 30, 2005: Elightenment's Dark Side (Jeremy Perkins kills his mother)
    Sidebar: The Man Behind the Church: How Scientology Began (L. Ron Hubbard bio)
    Sidebar: What Scientologists Believe -- And What Critics Say (Reincarnation, and Xenu the space alien)
    Sidebar: Defending Against Its Critics (Fair game, demise of the Cult Awareness Network)

January 31, 2005: Being In, Breaking Out (Story of the Dunning family)
    Sidebar: The Star Treatment (Jenna Elfman and other celebrities)

February 1, 2005: Helping Spread the Word (Politicians working with the cult)
    Sidebar: Addiction Specialists Criticize Detoxification Program (Narconon, Criminon, Second Chance)

February 2, 2005: Outside Critics Are Unacceptable (Tanya Durni, Fred Lennox, and disconnection)
    Sidebar: Scientology Tests' Purpose and Validity Are Questioned (Stress test and personality test)

Febuary 6-15, 2005: Letters to the editor

October 27, 2006: Scientology Schizo
Linda Stasi The New York Post

November 14, 2006: Friend of Elli Perkins tells a similar story of denying a child psychiatric care.

July 14, 2007: Science or Scientology, by Stefanie Balogh, The Daily Telegraph (Australia).

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