"Gentle Wind Project" Exposed

The Gentle Wind Project is a psychotherapeutic/new age/spiritual cult based in New England. A dissident web site put up by ex members, called Wind of Changes, led the group to file a lawsuit against both the ex-members and Rick Ross, a noted anti-cult activist who has been covering the story on his web site.

One of the documents that Gentle Wind Project sued to suppress is this collection of insiders' accounts of their abuses.

July 14, 2006: Maine Attorney General Files Suit Against Gentle Wind Project. Story here. "The attorney general's office accused the group of falsely claiming that their products had healing qualities and of considering the income from their sale as charitable donations rather than sales proceeds. Prosecutors want the Gentle Wind Project to liquidate its assets, pay the state's legal fees and refund anyone who bought items between 2000 and the present." Sweet!

The Holy Healing Hockey Puck!

The Gentle Wind Project sells "healing instruments" that they claim were designed by benevolent space aliens who communicate telepathically with their leader, John Miller. One of these instruments is a hockey puck that sold for $300 to $450. (Newer puck models sell for as much as $5850, and other designs go for even more!) We have obtained an early model puck and photographed the insides. There's not much to it:
  • The top is a piece of clear plastic. This is used to cover a piece of paper with an art design printed on it. The art is generated by a computer art program that the group's leader uses.

  • The clear plastic cover is screwed to a 3/4" plain white acrylic disk.

  • The bottom of the white acrylic disk has a hole (1/2" x 1/2") to hold a small amount of sand (see photos below.) The sand is then covered with a blob of glue or epoxy placed on the plastic bottom piece, to fit over the hole.

  • The green plastic bottom piece is 3/16" thick and is screwed to the white acrylic. It breaks easily when unscrewed; notice that a chip is missing in the photo.

  • The sand is just that -- a sandy substance with a slight smell of kitchen spice. No "precious stones" uncovered, although the catalog claims that these instruments include such stones.

For more information on The Gentle Wind Project, see Rick Ross's page, and this article in Now Magazine (from Toronto).

Hockey puck
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This big boy is feeling no pain, thanks to trauma cards and healing hockey pucks. He's John Miller ("Tubby" to his friends), supreme leader of the Gentle Wind Project. Your voluntary donations keep "Tubby", "Moe", and their fellow instrument fondlers fed, clothed, and well-supplied with sand and plastic bits. Please give generously.

For more fun with space alien cult technology, see my page on Secrets of Scientology: The E-Meter.

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