Change Log for the Gallery of CSS Descramblers

Date of Change Description
28 Jan 2004The author of the DeCSS haiku has finally come forward: he's Seth Schoen.
15 May 2003Added an ASCII art version of efdtt.c by Alex Bowley.
3 Apr 2003Added Bruce Christensen's Pascal translation of css-auth.
20 Dec 2002Added csscat-0.2, a copying and decryption utility derived from Videolan.
21 Jun 2002Added Benot Rouits' X-Face stamp to the Steganography wing.
31 Mar 2002Added Erik Michaels-Ober's Onteora High School yearbook entry to the main Gallery page.
26 Feb 2002Added the original DeCSS.c source, and Shane Killian's square dance version of the DeCSS song.
22 Jan 2002Added a link to a BYTE editoral that mentions the Gallery.
5 Dec 2001Added the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on haiku from April 1, 2001.
5 Dec 2001Added links to the video of the Great Debate, and to Mike Shamos' Powerpoint slides from the debate.
5 Dec 2001Added a link to the Expert's Guide to Copying DVDs
4 Dec 2001Added a link to the Tartan article on the Shamos-Touretzky debate.
30 Nov 2001Added my slides from my debate with Michael Shamos.
28 Nov 2001Added a link to the CyberLaw Journal column that linked to 2600's list of mirrors, and the Meislin affidavit defending this link.
16 Nov 2001 Switched to a local copy of Stego/decss_zapf.pdf.
18 Oct 2001Added Vigil of Planetary NetArt to the press clippings section.
31 Aug 2001Updated the link to the Captain CSS plugin for the Xine player.
28 Aug 2001Added interview.
18 Aug 2001 Added Robert de Bath's stegosaurus GIF/ZIP file to the Stego wing.
10 Aug 2001 Added an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, issue dated August 10, 2001.
31 Jul 2001 Added a link to my Viewpoint piece in CACM.
27 Jul 2001 Changed the Javascript decryptor link to point to decss_js.html instead of js-hack.html.
27 Jul 2001 Started this change log.
13 Mar 2000Created the Gallery.

Dave Touretzky
Last modified: Wed Jan 28 19:28:26 EST 2004