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The software: css-auth.tar.gz (Linux)

Or you can get the code on a t-shirt

Frank Stevenson's CSS Cracks

Gallery of CSS Descramblers

"Source vs. Object Code" essay

Greg Kesden's Tutorial on CSS

General Info:
Explanation of DeCSS and DVD decryption
OpenDVD.Org has this Journalist's Fact Sheet
Origin of the DeCSS software

VCRPlus+: Software for translating full (up to 8 digit) VCRPlus codes

Legal Stuff:
DVD-DeCSS document archive at
Brief summary of DeCSS lawsuits, by Tom Vogt
Full text of the DMCA (see section 1201)
Legislative history of the DMCA
Pam Samuelson on Why the DMCA is Flawed
Electronic Frontier Foundation archive, including legal filings
Bernstein decision: code is speech
Global Internet Liberty Campaign statement on DeCSS
Openlaw Project on OpenDVD, at Harvard Law School
Interview with MPAA chairman Jack Valenti
History of consumer recording battles (Betamax, DAT, etc.)
Professor Greg Newby's DVD page at UNC