Amway: The Untold Story

The AUS Articles

The Tools Scam
The #1 problem in Amway. How a relatively harmless part-time business got turned into a bank account draining nightmare.
Price Comparisons
Three price comparisons show that Amway products are more expensive to use, not less as claimed.
The "Directly Speaking" tapes 
Distributor designed "systems" of tapes and rallies are inherently illegal and abusive and a threat to the future security of Amway Corporation. Who says so? Amway did, that's who!
Consumer Reports Ratings
Most of the Amway products tested by CR were found to be average to poor in performance, and grossly overpriced.
Amway Lawsuits
"How do I screw thee over? Let me count the ways..." Things Amway would really rather you didn't know about.
The Canadian Fraud Case
Rich & Jay's excellent adventure, in which they steal millions from the Canadian govt., plead guilty, and then lie about it.
What does it really cost when you follow "The System"?
Cultism in Amway
What does Amway have in common with cult groups? Quite a bit, it turns out.
Statistics on Success
An interesting analysis of what the chances are of making it big in Amway. Not surprisingly, the chances suck.
Sources and References
A partial list of the materials I used to research Amway.
Mandatory ITC and BSM Arbitration Agreements
Every new or renewing Amway distributor must now agree to give up their rights to file a lawsuit or to publicly discuss their complaints. Why is Amway so eager to gag its distributors?
Amway's Campaign of Lies and Misinformation
Unable to refute the information on this site, Amway instead launches a smear campaign against the site's creator.
IRS Position Paper on Typical Distributor Deductions
Were you told that you could deduct the cost of rallies, motivational tapes, and othe "business-related" expenses? Another lie.
The Gospel Films Connection
Gospel Films seems to be practically a division of Amway Corp. Despite this, the relationship is kept a secret. Why?
The Gospel According To Amway
God's word on Amway as revealed by Birdie Yager. Also, Dexter Yager, Bill Britt and other Amway luminaries enlighten us on wimps, womens libbers, and why moose are bad for the environment.
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