TradeNet's Laundry Solution uses a revolutionary new technology which enhances nature's most perfect solvent - pure water.

By manipulating the electric fields associated with hydrogen and oxygen atoms, solid crystals are formed in the shape of electric keys. These keys fit into the locks and bonds on other compounds to dissolve away dirt similar to the action of enzymes in the human digestive system.

Termed IE Crystals, these particles, although completely benign to man and the environment, can perform and enhance reactions, formerly only possible by chemicals, soaps and detergents.

Dr. Shui-Yin Lo "The smaller the particle you can manipulate, the greater the effect." Dr. Shui-Yin Lo stated. "These electric fields extend only a few billionths of a meter but are stronger than forces currently generated by man-made machines. We use such changes not only to grow IE Crystals, but tailor them to fit different chemical reactions. IE Crystals reduce the surface tension of water and create "bubbles" in water similar to the effect of soap."

Dr. Lo has labled the procedures surrounding the manufacturing of these particles "Nanotricity" (from nanometer [one billionth of a meter] and electricity) and has developed numerous technologies which utilize the crystal's ability to perform work.

Many people are sensitive to detergents. Today's household varieties are laced with dye's fragrances, surfactants (chemical added to detergents which aid in breaking down oils and fats), oxidizing agents, etc. Soaps and detergents work by enhancing the water's native ability to dissolve dirt. Detergents reduce the surface tension of the water thereby enhancing the dissolving action. Foaming agents create little bubbles to help carry away the dirt and oil from the cloth, so it can all be rinsed away.

"The real work is done by the interchange of tiny electric charges. These are normally supplied by the detergent and work with water" Dr. Lo continued. "But we can supply these with our IE. They can work just as hard as detergents but are harmless to our world."

Dr. Lo summed up by saying, "One can get the same effect, without creating the environmental problems caused by detergents. We are not saying that one might not need some additional washing agents for particular stains, just like some detergents won't remove ink from your white shirt. I'm afraid there are no absolutes here, but to replace the action of detergents - - it's not difficult."