Excerpt from WWW.ATEG.COM front door page on April 24, 1998.

ATG labels its critics "terrorists" and "extremists".

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American Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG) is fully committed to the premise that the world's environmental problems can be solved. It is the mission of ATG to be the leading research and development company for commercializing innovative technologies that are always environmentally sound and cost-competitive through "Clean Science".

You may find some extremist webpages with links to this URL. Our website is not the only one targeted by these Internet terrorists who have created these links. On the advice of our legal counsel and at the request of the authorities who are investigating these extremists, we are posting this notification. If you have questions please do not hesitate to E-mail us at atgmail@ateg.com. We ask for your indulgence and understanding because there is a legal due process to which even extremists are entitled.

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