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August 10th, 1998



Quote from Leslie Stahl:

"Nothing in the history of journalism has caused as much unnecessary pain and false defamation of character as the web page. Any low integrity person, armed with a cheap computer, can contrive and construct lies and innuendo in order to defame competitors or individuals who are innocent of such charges. We re-run this story because of all the letters we have received from those who have suffered from false web page attacks. Pay close attention because you could become the target of such empty charges, especially if you are ever successful."

Leslie Stahl - 60 Minutes



Dear Friends,

As Adolph Hitler demonstrated, calling something "The Truth" doesn't make it so. At 21st Century Global Network we have a simple philosophy: those who spend valuable hours reading wholly fictitious web sites do not have time to work to make this world a better place. Our vision for the new millennium requires the concerted effort of us all.

Before sharing our vision, I want to state categorically, for the record, that we don't have time to give dignity to those individuals who have never succeeded in our industry. At the time of this writing, Rene and I have a book in the number 10 position of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List and have, for many years, taught the only college level certification course in the history of Network Marketing. Over the past several years, we have graduated many of the Presidents, CFO's, and leading distributors from the most respected companies in our industry. Simply put, having built a two hundred thousand-person downline in twenty countries with one great company and having served as the only MLM Distributor/Contributing Editor to Success Magazine, I believe my reputation speaks for itself. Before you believe any web site ask yourself a few simple questions: " Who is this author, and what has he done to justify his criticisms of Mark Yarnell, IE Crystal, or 21st Century Global Network? Has he ever built a 200,000 person business or is he just one of several MLM parasites who sit at home and write newsletters and design innane web pages? Is this author trying to sell his personal newsletters or does he have sincere motivation beyond his own self-serving profit potential?"

Our Vision

One network of high-integrity people committed to restoring ecological balance, the ethical distribution of scientifically validated natural products, self-efficacy principals and values-based financial freedom…one such network, in which those ideals are lived and duplicated, eventually spreading to every village, state, and country, will help usher in a new millennium of human attainment and global balance as never before imagined by history's boldest visionaries.

As you can see, our vision is quite ambitious and we will achieve it. In the process we will build the first 10 billion-dollar Network Marketing Company in history. Those without the competence to understand our compensation plan, those without enough MLM experience to make adequate judgements about our company, and those who would "lead lambs to the slaughter" in order to sell subscriptions to dubious newsletters by merely using our name to draw attention to themselves, will not divert us from our intended objectives. By "hitching their wagons to a star,"even those who would seek parasitic benefits by linking their sites to our names on the World Wide Web have learned the value of success through non- productivity. We are happy for them and their newfound profitability but would love to see them go to work for a living.

Do watch this site for positive updates. Together we will achieve our vision.

Mark B. Yarnell





I do have a valid driver's license and passport.
I've never been to a scientology meeting nor do I even know what they believe.
Our compensation structure is an Add-on plan with substantial infinity bonuses; it is far beyond the scope of understanding of non-networkers.
I've never been charged or convicted of a felony nor sued in any court of law for any reason.
I own a golden retriever, not a rattlesnake.
I do enjoy hang gliding but don't play golf.
IE Crystal technology is more scientifically valid than any non-scientists would have you believe. Click your mouse right now to link to the first symposium facts as explained by leading scientists world-wide.
We are building a major business to assist men and women in rising to their full potential. We are not sitting at home writing newsletters from which only we might profit.
Facts take precedence over assertions. We have yet to see one author of one web site state publicly their credentials in network marketing.


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