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Short Bio

I currently work at Google Research on a new framework for large scale distributed machine learning.

I got my masters degree from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I was in the MIIS program (MSc in Intelligent Information Systems) offered by the Language Technologies Institute. I also hold a B.Eng. + M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from École Polytechnique in France. My research interests include recommender systems, knowledge extraction, and machine learning applied to real-life problems.

I'm originally from Brazil, but I've spent most of my life living, studying, and working abroad. Countries where I've lived include Brazil, Germany (2 years), Mexico (3 years), France (3 years), China (3 months), and USA (since 2013). I love visiting new countries, cooking, and rowing.


Carnegie Mellon University

MSc Intelligent Information Systems

School of Computer Science

Pittsburgh, PA

École Polytechnique

B.Eng. + M.Sc. Computer Science & Mathematics

Paris, France

Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

B.Eng. Aeronautical Mechanics

S.J. Campos, Brazil



Good experience: Java, C++, MATLAB, JS/JQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS

Some experience: Python, C#, Scope, Groovy, Grails, VBA








Professional Experience

  • 2016 - Present


    Google Research - Strategic Technologies

    Mountain View, CA
  • Cupertino, CA

    2015 - 2016

    Apple Inc.

    Machine Learning & NLP Software Engineer.

  • 2014

    Amazon - SDE Intern

    Designed and built end-to-end diagnostics tool for data visualization, trend forecasting, and anomaly detection for Amazon’s A/B Testing team.

    Seattle, WA
  • Paris, France


    Microsoft - Research Intern

    Worked with the Xbox Music team on the research and development of a one-class collaborative filtering engine for personalized music recommendation.

  • 2012

    Capgemini Consulting - BI Intern

    Data mining and business strategy project for CPIC, a major Chinese insurance group. Created a machine learning pipeline for clustering customers, products, and vendors in order to understand their profile and recommend optimal sales strategy.

    Shanghai, China
  • São Paulo, Brazil


    Roland Berger - BA Intern

    Worked with the research team on data analysis and modeling for market penetration.

  • 2009

    RB Capital - Intern

    Worked with pricing of securities and with profitability computation of credit funds dealing with real estate receivable certificates (CRI) and real estate credit certificates (CCI).

    São Paulo, Brazil

Volunteering Experience

  • 2010

    Casd Vestibulares - MKT Director

    Created NGO`s current MKT structure, with the elaboration of several projects, publicity material and donation platforms & funds. Raised, through several projects, more than R$ 40.000 (around USD 25.000) and was the winner of Embraer Institute`s Social Project Contest.

    S. J. Campos, Brazil
  • S. J. Campos, Brazil


    Casd Vestibulares - Mathematics Teacher

    Taught mathematics at CASD Vestibulares for classes with over 120 students.

Academic Research

Computer Vision, Machine Learning & NLP.

Carnegie Mellon University

Advisor: Eduard Hovy

Designed and built a tool used by law enforcement agents that uses NLP and machine learning for detecting prostitution networks based on a daily updated database of millions of scraped online escort ads. The tool also tracks in near real-time how the prostitution networks move across the country, displaying relevant analytics and migration patterns.

École Polytechnique

Advisor: Maks Ovsjanikov

Worked on development of an image descriptor combining both local and global features that envisaged the construction of a classifier to assess the aesthetic quality of photographs. Research topics included image descriptors, dimensionality reduction, clustering, image representation and statistical classification.


Daniel Ribeiro Silva

drsilva you shall not parse!@cs. you shall not parse!cmu.edu