A. David Redish: Quotes

Necromancy in the 20th century:
Your computer was wedged because all your daemons were dead.
-- SCS Facilities

Why experimentalists and theoreticians don't get along:
It is not clear to me in what sense this is a "model."
As far as I can tell, it is an equation.
-- An anonymous reviewer

Bark people (n.)
Forget the forest, they can't even see the trees.
-- Heard at Neurosciences 1996.

zoiks! that's a lotta thesis.
-- Brad Wyble.

A P value of .05 means being wrong one time in twenty.

If you lie down, no one will die
-- Robert Bly

The three stages of learning about new data:
1. Denial.
2. "That's obvious."
3. "Didn't I do that a year ago?"

Coffee for the mind, pizza for the body, sushi for the soul.
-- UserFriendly

A. David Redish

Neural Systems, Memory and Aging University of Arizona Tucson AZ 85724