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 Overview [more]

The Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems is a workshop designed for students, post docs, and junior researchers working in applied spoken dialog systems research. The roundtable will provide an open forum where participants can discuss their research interests, current work and future plans. We hope the workshop format (see below) will foster creative thinking about current issues in spoken dialog systems research, and help create a stronger international network of young researchers working in the field.

This workshop is an ISCA event held on September the 1st, 2005, at the Centro Cultural de Belém (the same venue as Interspeech 2005) in Lisbon, Portugal in conjunction with INTERSPEECH-2005 and SIGdial.

 Workshop Format

The workshop will be held as a full-day event, consisting of multiple small-group discussions.

The day will start with a one-hour introductory session, during which participants will briefly introduce themselves and their research. Next, depending on the number of participants, there will be two or three parallel discussion sessions in the morning segment, and again in the afternoon. At the end of the each segment, all participants will reconvene and present the conclusions from their discussions. The topics for the discussion sessions will be chosen based on interests expressed during the submission process. Potential topics include:

- What are best practices for conducting and evaluating user studies of spoken dialog systems?
- How can the user be made aware of the capabilities and limitations of a spoken dialog system?
- What are best practices for rapidly deploying dialog systems in the real world?
- Spoken dialog systems and robots: what are the issues and challenges?
- What skills must a dialog agent have to be able to engage in a multi-participant conversation?
- Where can spoken dialog systems have a significant impact in the world?
- What are the resources needed to support standardized comparative evaluations of spoken dialog system technologies?
- Should human-computer communication mimic human-human communication?
- How can a dialog system learn from its own experience automatically?

 Sponsors and Endorsements

The Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems is an ISCA-sponsored event. The workshop has received endorsements from ISCA, Interspeech-2005, and SIGdial.

 Workshop Committees

The workshop is organized by the student-run “Dialogs on Dialogs” reading group.

Organizing Committee
Satanjeev Banerjee, Carnegie Mellon University
Dan Bohus, Carnegie Mellon University
Ellen Campana, University of Rochester
Stephen Choularton, Macquarie University, Australia
Antoine Raux, Carnegie Mellon University
Stefanie Tomko, Carnegie Mellon University
Jason Williams, Cambridge University, UK

Advisory Committee
Gregory Aist, University of Rochester, USA
Alan Black, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Chih-yu Chao, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Grace Chung, CNRI, USA
Robert Dale, Macquarie University, Australia
Matthias Denecke, NTT, Japan
Genevieve Gorrell, Linköping University, Sweden
Alex Gruenstein, MIT, USA
Thomas Harris, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Kristiina Jokinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Michael Kipp, DFKI, Germany
Jeongwoo Ko, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Kazunori Komatani, Kyoto University, Japan
Staffan Larsson, Göteborg University, Sweden
Akinobu Lee, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Oliver Lemon, Edinburgh University, UK
Masafumi Nishida, Chiba University, Japan
Tim Paek, Microsoft Research, USA
Alexander Rudnicky, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Gabriel Skantze, KTH, Sweden
Kishore Sunkeshwari Prahallad, International Institute of Information Technology, India
Mark Swerts, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Steve Young, Cambridge University, UK

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