Unarchiving and Decompressing .tar.xz Files

On Unix-like Systems

Command-line utilities are available on modern Linux systems, and other Unix-like systems, for unpacking .tar.xz archives. Modern version of tar can detect the type of compression used on an archive, so simply entering tar -xf archive.tar.xz will unpack the archive.

For the more GUI-inclinded, modern Linux distributions include graphical tools for unarchiving .tar.xz archives like the Archive Manager.

On Mac OS X

On Mac OS, the Unix command-line tools are available and can be installed with package management systems like Homebrew and Fink. The popular tool, The Unarchiver, uncompressed and unarchives .tar.xz files. It is also available on the Mac App Store.

On Windows

The popular open source Windows tool called 7-Zip can unpack .tar.xz files.