Daniel Lee

Doherty Hall, 4301F
Phone: (412) 268-2039

Graduate student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University since Fall 2005. My advisors are Bob Harper and Karl Crary. I also benefit from the mentorship of Peter Lee. My general interests include type systems, programming languages, and certifying compilation. My current work involves mechanizing a specification and type-safety proof for Standard ML.

I was supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship from Fall 2005 to Spring 2008.

Bachelor of Arts, double major in Computer Science and Economics from Cornell University, May 2005.

Research Projects, Past and Present

These are various research projects I've worked on and the people I worked with.


In reverse chronological order.

Research/Intellectual Interests

To some degree or another, I am interested in the following:



Twelf Elf Rotation

I am the founding member of the "Twelf Elf Rotation". The Twelf Elf Rotation is part of a larger program at CMU to disseminate information about Twelf to whomever might be interested. At any given time, there is one person from the rotation designated to monitor certain channels by which people with questions about Twelf may ask an expert and be guaranteed a timely response. For now, this means if you have Twelf question and you want it answered fast, send it to twelfelf [(at)] gmail [(dot)] com.

If you want to join the rotation, contact me or just send an e-mail to the Twelf Elf address. Membership is not limited to people at CMU. Some fluency with Twelf is obviously helpful.

Worthwhile Wikis

Knowledge is a community process. Participate.

Random Bits

My homepage has the uncommon feature of including "Things" Lists

Because I couldn't find one, I decided to start compiling a list of left-handed computer scientists.

Call me Dan or Daniel, and I'll eventually guess that you are talking to me. Call me D, and I'll assume you are talking to me.

Every now and then, I take a moment and remind myself that I am a high school drop-out.

I am a coffee elf.

Are you "Server OK" today?

Some computer scientists like to see where they end up on this ranking of first initial/last name by citations. The relative stupidity of the algorithm that compiles this information produces a few amusing results. Given the fact that "D. Lee" is not terribly unique and there must be some terribly prolific "D. Lee"s out there, I rank around 110 out of 10,000, through virtually no influence of my own. That's way above thousands of very smart people (and a handful of non-existent ones)! As of August 2006, other amusing entries include "P. Thesis" at 601, "M. Interface" at 1247, "D. Networks" at 3532, "A. Computer" at 5902, "I. Processing" at 6827, "A. Network" at 8171, "M. Thesis" at 8301, "L. Http" at 8595, "P. Dissertation" at 8603, and "S. Verlag" at 9470.

This site is still a work in progress. I imagine it will continue to be for the next n years.

For lack of a tool that annoyed me less, I have developed this site with various variants of the Emacs text editor.