Zephyr-mode is a major mode for sending and receiving zephyrgrams in gnu-emacs (compatible with lemacs version 19, FSF gnu-emacs version 19, gnu-emacs version 18, and epoch).

You can customize zephyr-mode in many ways. For a few ideas, see the sample zephyr setup.

The current version of zephyr.el is available in

See the description of what's new in version 2.2 (the last round of really substantive changes). If you would like to be put on a mailing list for announcements and discussion of zephyr.el, send email to Darrell.Kindred@cs.cmu.edu.

Zephyr.el was written by Scott Draves, with contributions from Todd Kaufmann, Mark Eichin, Nick Thompson, Hank Wan, Darrell Kindred, and others. If you have questions about zephyr-mode or suggestions, contact the current maintainer, Darrell.Kindred@cs.cmu.edu.

Darrell Kindred
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