Space Invaders

This is the Skip Gain version of Space Invaders, featuring bullets that move three times as fast. For the original version, go here. For the easy version, go here.

Features of this game:

Upgrade to the registered version for the following improvements:
  • Two-player head-to-head capacity!
  • Three-dimensional, first-person-perspective interface, with a full 360 degrees of motion!
  • Three exciting new weapons, including the dreaded "cuisinart ray!"
  • A total of 50 waves of play, including two more secret levels! (What? You mean you haven't found the first one yet?) ;)
  • Hyperspace travel! Anti-gravity packaging! Holographic display! And - yes! - a FULLY TELEPATHIC INTERFACE MWUHAHAHAHA!!

    Have fun with the game...

    Web page created by Dan Blandford