ARTDEFO Picture Gallery

    Here are some screen captures from the various demos. All objects are Loop subdivision surfaces rendered using Java3D. All examples involve a rigid object contacting a deformable object (as in the paper), and no deformable object has more than 300 collocation nodes. Please note that some of these demos were intended to be light-hearted.

Poked Bunny Torso (head not included)
 This whimsical shape was one of our first examples. The mesh was obtained from ViewPoint Digital and some fancy use of constant elements made the torso elastic. "Hey, where's the head?"

Nodule (aka Mr. Squishy)
    As our primary test shape, the nodule was helplessly subjected to countless deformations (often at very unflattering resolutions). It also never gets to go anywhere since it's stuck to the ground. While it prefers to look like cork, we think red is best.

Spiral Nodule
    A city cousin of the nodule, this shape is a little more interesting to look at.

Celestial Donut
    For the topologically concerned. "Hey, is that Jupiter?"

Fried Egg
    Taking virtual breakfast products to the next level of realism, this is our most whimsical demo.

CyberGlove-based Interaction
    Ever wanted to reach out and touch a boundary integral equation? Well we did. A CyberGlove from Virtual Technologies, Inc. provided us with a suitable interface (thanks VTI).