[SCS dragon logo] 15-864 Advanced Computer Graphics
Spring 2004

Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

INSTRUCTOR:  Doug James (Asst. Prof CS & Robotics)
DATE: Spring 2004
TIME: TR 10:30--11:50 PM (HUB 1:30 TIME IS WRONG)

TA: Christopher Twigg (Office hours: Thursday 3-5pm, Wean 5336)

NOTE REGARDING LONG WAITLIST: Currently all non-PhD students are being wait-listed, so do not be alarmed if you are on a very long waitlist as there are approx. 35 slots in the class. Priority will be given to PhD and masters students, followed by undergraduate students in higher years. Please come to the first class (Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004) to learn more.

This course will be a hands-on class on advanced computer graphics. It will cover major aspects of digital image generation: geometric modeling, computer animation, and rendering. The goal of the course is to provide a strong foundation for computer graphics principles, and provide a hands-on introduction to recent advanced topics, e.g., subdivision surfaces, real-time global illumination, and physically based animation. The course should be appropriate for graduate students in all areas and for advanced undergraduates.

Prior exposure to computer graphics (e.g., 15-462 Introduction to computer graphics) or approval of instructor.  Good programming skills, and knowledge of linear algebra, 3D calculus, and numerical computing will be helpful.

Various course notes and papers will be made available.

    Princeton, Computer Science 526, Tom Funkhouser [link]

Grading will be based on a set of programming and written assignments and a class project.


Material   (Partly "CMU Only" access)
Tu Jan 13
  • N/A
Th Jan 15
  1. Mesh data structures
  2. Introduction to subdivision surfaces

Jan 20 & 22
No classes (SIGGRAPH submission deadline Jan 21)
Loop subdivision sequence
Tu Jan 27
  1. Quiz
  2. Subdivision Zoo
  3. Geri's Game
Geri's Game (subdivision surface fun)
Th Jan 29
Multiresolution analysis (MRA)

Normal meshes

Assignment #1: Subdivision Surfaces
Catmull Clark scheme
  • See assignment web page
  • Due date: Friday February 13 before midnight;
  • Late policy: Don't be late: 20% maximum grade deducted every additional day.
Tu Feb 3
Mesh Simplification

Th Feb 5
Progressive Meshes

Mesh Smoothing and Fairing

Progressive meshes:
Mesh smoothing and fairing:
Tu Feb 10
Implicit Surfaces

Th Feb 12
Tu Feb 17
Th Feb 19
Point-based Models

Assignment #2: Mesh Smoothing
  • See assignment web page
  • Due date: Monday, February 23 before midnight (Start early!)
Tu Feb 24
Th Feb 26
Cloth Modeling and Animation

Tu Mar 2
Th Mar 4
Programmable Graphics Hardware

Assignment #3: Cloth Animation

  • See assignment web page
  • Due date: Saturday, March 6 before midnight (Start early!)
Tu Mar 16
Th Mar 18
Character Skinning

Tu Mar 23
Radiometry and Reflectance

Proposal Info and Class Schedule
Tu Mar 30
Introduction to Global Illumination

Th Apr 1
Monte Carlo Path Tracing

Tu Apr 6
Th Apr 8
Biased Monte Carlo Methods;
Photon Mapping

Assignment #4: Photon Mapping

Tu Apr 13
Tu Apr 20

Th Apr 22
Visual Importance

Tu Apr 27

Th Apr 29
Image-based Rendering