David Ellis Hershkowitz

Hi there!

I am a first year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science advised by Bernhard Haeupler. My research area is theoretical computer science. Most recently I have worked on algorithms for and the complexity limits of distributed message broadcast in the presence of noise. Technical tools I have or hope to draw on include information theory, communication complexity and graph theory.

Previously I was a computer science master's degree student at Brown University advised by Michael Littman. My master's research focused on abstraction in planning and reinforcement learning and I collaborated heavily with fellow graduate student David Abel.

Previously-er I was an undergraduate CS/philosophy student at Brown doing research in the Humans to Robots Laboratory under the guidance of Stefanie Tellex. My undergraduate research focused mostly on methods for planning and learning algorithms to grapple with prohibitively large state spaces.

I also have a keen dilettantish interest in all things 20th century analytic philosophy, existential literature, powerlifting, dendrology and learning to learn how to play the guitar.