High-precision timing references

Manuals for obsolete equipment

Note that some of these are scans of the original manuals, and even in PDF are pretty large (10-16MB). If you have PDF or other digital versions of manuals for obsolete timing equipment that you'd like to share, drop me a note and I'll put them online.


HP 5061

The 5061 was one of the original cesium clocks. It's been replaced by Agilent's amazing 5071A, but it can still do a great job of keeping time - and doesn't cost $50k. :) I believe that Corby Dawson is still the go-to person for fixing 5061s and getting refurbished C(a)esium tubes, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

GPS units

Things I'm looking for

If you have a 5334 manual that you'd be willing to temporarily part with, I could probably be persuaded to scan it for you and then send it back.
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