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Deepak Garg

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Selected Talks

Stateful Authorization Logic - Proof Theory and a Case Study
Workshop talk. STM'10.
September, 2010.

A Proof-Carrying File System
Conference talk. Oakland'10.
May, 2010.

Distributed access control.
Two part lecture in 18-739: Foundations of Security and Privacy
CMU, November 2009.
(Part 1, Part 2)

Language-based Security: Overview of Types
Lecture in 18-739: Foundations of Security and Privacy.
CMU, October 2009.

Proof theory for authorization logic and its application to a practical file system
Ph.D. Thesis defense.
October, 2009.

A Proof-Carrying File System
Short talk at CSF.
July, 2009.

A Logic of Secure Systems and its Application to Trusted Computing
Conference talk. Oakland'09.
May, 2009.

Protecting Information with Logic-Based Access Control
Speaking Skills Talk at CMU.
May, 2009.

Protecting Information with Logic-Based Access Control
Special Seminar, MIT.
April, 2009.

Applying Logic to Secure Computer Systems
IMDEA Software. Madrid, Spain.
March, 2009.

A Proof-Carrying File System
Manifest Security Meeting.
University of Pennsylvania. December, 2008.

Principal-Centric Reasoning in Constructive Authorization Logic.
Workshop paper talk. IMLA '08.
Pittsburgh, PA. June, 2008.

A Logic for Reasoning About Networked Secure Systems.
Workshop paper talk. FCS-ARSPA-WITS '08.
Pittsburgh, PA. June, 2008.

Logic-Based Authorization.
Thesis Proposal.
CMU, June 2008.

A Modal Deconstruction of Access Control Logics.
Conference paper talk. FoSSaCS 2008.
Budapest, Hungary. April, 2008.

A Proof-Carrying File System.
CyLab Student Seminar.
Carnegie Mellon University. February, 2008.

Distributed access control.
Two lecture talk in 18-739: Foundations of Security and Privacy.
CMU, October 2007.
(Part 1: PDF PS, Part 2: PDF, PS)

Constructive Authorization Logic.
Talk in 15-819: Languages and Logics for Security.
CMU, October 2007.

A Linear Logic of Authorization and Knowledge.
Invited talk at the Computer Security Seminar, University of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, PA. November, 2006.

Non-interference in Constructive Authorization Logic.
Conference paper talk. CSFW 19
Venice, Italy. July, 2006.

Focusing in Proof-Search and Concurrent Synchronization.
Invited talk at the Logic Programming and Concurrency Workshop
(Part of Geometry of Interaction 2006, Geocal06).
Marseille, France. February, 2006.

Type-directed Concurrency.
Conference paper talk. CONCUR 2005
San Francisco, CA. August, 2005.