M. Beetz, W. Burgard, D. Fox, and A.B. Cremers:

Integrating Active Localization into High-level Robot Control Systems.

in: Robotics and Autonomous Systems.


High-level control systems are designed to enable mobile robots to successfully perform complex missions such as office delivery and surveillance tasks. For that purpose they have to control, coordinate, and monitor different kinds of subtasks like navigation, manipulation, and perception. An important aspect of the effectiveness of high-level control systems is the ability to cope with failures that occur during the execution of such subtasks. In this paper we focus on the particular subtask of estimating the position of the robot and show how to achieve its robust integration into the high-level control system. The principle of this integration is to monitor the certainty of the position estimation and to autonomously relocalize the robot whenever the uncertainty grows too large. We present a localization approach which accurately and efficiently keeps track of the robot's position. Furthermore, it provides a measure for detecting localization failures and it is able to autonomously relocalize the robot in such situations. In addition to this, we introduce structured reactive plans, which can be interrupted by such active localization processes at any point in time and allow the robot to complete its mission afterwards. Our method has been implemented and shown to be robust in long-term experiments involving a typical office delivery scenario.

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