1. SpotLight: Detecting Anomalies in Streaming Graphs (To appear)
    Dhivya Eswaran, Christos Faloutsos, Sudipto Guha, Nina Mishra
    KDD 2018 (long presentation)
  2. Beyond Assortativity: Proclivity Index for Attributed Networks (ProNe)
    Reihaneh Rabbany, Dhivya Eswaran, Artur Dubrawski, Christos Faloutsos
    PAKDD 2017
  3. ZooBP: Belief Propagation for Heterogeneous Networks
    Dhivya Eswaran, Stephan Guennemann, Christos Faloutsos, Disha Makhija, Mohit Kumar
    VLDB 2017 [code]
  4. Why You Should Charge Your Friends for Borrowing Your Stuff
    Kijung Shin, Euiwoong Lee, Dhivya Eswaran, Ariel D. Procaccia
    IJCAI 2017
  5. The Power of Certainty: A Dirichlet-Multinomial Model for Belief Propagation
    Dhivya Eswaran, Stephan Guennemann, Christos Faloutsos
    SDM 2017 [code] [slides] [poster]
  6. Modeling Website Topic Cohesion at Scale to Improve Webpage Classification
    Dhivya Eswaran, Paul N. Bennett, Joseph J. Pfeiffer III
    SIGIR 2015 (short paper)
  7. Towards Creating Pedagogic Views from Encyclopedic Resources
    Ditty Mathew, Dhivya Eswaran, Sutanu Chakraborti
    NAACL 2015 (BEA10 workshop)