Smokey Brown

Hi! I'm an American Cocker Spaniel. Some people think that makes me a dog, but I disagree; I prefer to think of myself as a person in a fur suit. My Mom helped me make this web page because my paws are too big for the keyboard, and I can't type very well. I have lots of other talents though...

Camping with Dad

This is me with my Dad on a camping trip at Rushing River Provincial Park in Ontario (near the Manitoba border). This picture was taken during one of the few moments when it wasn't raining. I didn't mind, I love getting muddy!

I also love swimming. (Spaniels are water dogs; we have webbed feet) The water here was perfect, with big shallow shelves where I could paddle around without getting in too deep.

My first camping trip

Camping is lots of fun; I stay up all night and scare critters away from our campsite (from inside the tent where it's safe, of course!). It's ok because I can sleep all day in the car while Mom & Dad drive.

My latest birthday party. I think the hat and candles are rather goofy, but I like to indulge Mom and Dad.

My latest birthday celebration

Fish fascinate me. I could sit and stare at a fish tank for hours (and have!).

Chasing squirrels is part of what makes life worth living. This one presented a bit of a dilemma for me because I'm not allowed up in the carport area by myself. Mom was too busy taking bad pictures to help me catch the squirrel.

I don't really get babies. They smell funny, make a lot of noise, and everyone fusses over them all the time. I watched "Lady and the Tramp", and Jock explained babies like this:
"They're very expensive. You'll not be playing with them!"
My friend Siobain lets me play with her new baby though.

My friend Siobain is great because she also lets me sleep on the couch, and she likes to snuggle with me. Siobain's husband Frank is awesome too, but I don't have a picture with him.

Napping with Siobain