Fun with Fishing

A collection of photographs compiled from various fishing experiences. The first set were all taken on fishing trips in Manitoba with my brother and his family.

A brief tutorial on how to hold a fish...

Yvette's bass

Yvette demonstrates the "lip-grip". Only recommended for relatively small fish.

Connor is a master of the "Maybe you should hold it" technique. I've tried this one myself with limited success.

"Let's just leave it on the hook" - also only recommended for small fish.

Jeff illustrates the proper technique for displaying a fine catch.

And looks on with a mix of amusement and horror as I somehow manage to botch it.This would be one of the times when the "Maybe you should hold it" failed for me.

Let's have that demo one more time...

Better, but my technique still needs some work.

Joe shows off the "I am too sexy for this fish" pose. Not everyone can make this work!

The "Ok, who's going to clean this?" hold. Essentially a variation of "Maybe you should hold it".

The two-hander. Reserved for the best catches.

A close-up of the same fish. It really was a beauty.

Bad ideas in fishing ...

Ice fishing in Manitoba in late December.

Four people, two days, one fire, zero fish.

Deep-sea fishing on a windy day. More seasick people than I hope to see in one place ever again. This salmon was the tastiest I've ever had, though.