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This page contains useful information (manuals, diagrams, and other links) for people interested in retrofitting Unimation PUMA robots or writing low-level software. All the information is here for do-it-yourselfers or for commercial products. See my latest stuff at

User's Manuals from Mark V Automation Corp. (formerly Trident Robotics):

More up-to-date manuals are available on Mark V's web site with complete retrofit information and detailed instructions.

Mark V Automation Corp. is a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Universities that produces various low-cost products aimed at the robotics research community. Examples include the TRC004 PUMA Interface Board, which allows direct access to PUMA joint positions and torques, the TRC020 32-Channel D/A Board, an economical interface to the Utah/MIT Dextrous Hand, the TRC100 R3000-Based Real-Time Controller for the ISA bus (diagram), and the TRC200 replacement for the Unimation "silver cube".

Software drivers are available for Chimera, a Real-Time Operating System developed at the Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University and marketed by KKT, Inc., another CMU spinoff. There is also an executable and config file available for the PC for testing the TRC004/TRC006. (Also available in zip format with source code.)

A win16 DLL is available for PUMA100 owners.

Nomadic Technologies, Inc.

Other PUMA info:

PUMA/TRC004 Users:

PUMA Vendors:

Some PUMAs:

A picture of 3 PUMA's we call the Troikabot at CMU (all controlled by TRC004, developed at Stanford and CMU)

Some Hands:

A picture of a pneumatic gripper, the Odetics Hand, a 3-fingered, 
reconfigurable gripper, and the Utah/MIT Hand at CMU (also controlled by Mark V products developed at Stanford and CMU)

A Mobile Robot (also controlled with a TRC004):

A picture of a mobile robot with a Mitsubishi arm The Mobile Robot's Mechanem Wheels
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