Denis Dancanet's Resume

Denis Dancanet
Flat 2, 35 Montagu Square
London, W1H 1TL
United Kingdom
Morgan Stanley & Co.
25 Cabot Square
London, E14 4QA
United Kingdom
: +44 (171) 425-3584


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA (Aug. 1990 - Aug. 1997)
Ph.D. in Computer Science. Advisor: Stephen Brookes.
Ph.D. Thesis title: Intensional investigations.
M.S. in Computer Science, May 1993.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (Jan. 1987 - May 1990)
Graduated magna cum laude with three majors. GPA: 3.62 (Math GPA: 4.0)
B.S.E. in Computer Science and Engineering, May 1990.
B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy (with distinction), May 1990.

Honors and Awards

Work and Research Experience

Morgan Stanley & Co., Process Driven Trading, London, United Kingdom (Apr. 1999 - present)
Member of proprietary trading group.

Morgan Stanley & Co., Information Technology, New York, NY (Aug. 1997 - Apr. 1999)
Developed applications in support of bond traders. Completed graduate training program.

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science (Aug. 1990 - Aug. 1997)
Graduate research assistant with Dr. Stephen Brookes. Developed intensional semantics for parallel programming languages and studied theoretical and practical issues; implemented a programming language and type inference system which take advantage of intensional information.

Transarc Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA (Summer 1992)
Summer intern. Developed a semi-automated testing program for the file system of Encina, Transarc's OLTP (on-line transaction processing) product; designed a testing language.

Kodak Research Labs, Digital Technology Center, Rochester, NY (Summer 1991)
Summer intern. Tested the performance of PIPPIN, a parallel image processing language, on various transputer-based parallel computers.

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer Science (Summer 1990)
Research assistant with Dr. Val Breazu-Tannen. Examined some extensions of ML's type inference algorithm to allow it to deal with records and inheritance.

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer Science (Sep. 1988 - May 1990)
Research assistant with Dr. Lokendra Shastri. Developed a neural network compiler that takes a high-level description of a neural network and creates a C program to build it; implemented a connectionist semantic network which can learn concepts and generalize over them.

Torque Systems, Inc., New York, NY (Summer 1989)
Summer intern. Implemented a parallel version of the Rochester Connectionist Simulator using the Linda parallel programming model.

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer Science (May 1987 -- May 1988)
Research assistant with Dr. Lyle Ungar. Tested genetic algorithms for learning in various environments to determine their limitations.


List of publications and descriptions of my research can be found on my research page.