Dr. Datong Chen

I am a systems scientist in the computer science department of the Carnegie Mellon University. I got my Ph.D from EPFL ( Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ) Switzerland, and MS and BS from Harbin Institute of Technology China. During my Ph.D study, I was working as a research assitant in the  vision group of IDIAP at Martigny, one of the most beautiful place I've ever lived. Before went to Switzerland, I worked in the Telecooperation office ( TECO) of the  University of Karlsruhe , Germany. My virgin work experience started in China, where I spent two years in the Motorola-ICT Joint R&D Lab  located in Beijing.
Currently my major research efforts are put on assistive technology on healthcare and quality of life, particularly long-term behavior monitoring through multiple sensors, personalized activity and mood analysis, social interaction analysis in skilled facility, fundamental IT for care-media data indexing, retrieval and sharing and privacy protection in video.