Carnegie Mellon

We are proud to celebrate Dan Siewiorek’s remarkable accomplishments on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Dan exemplifies true innovation, creativity, and leadership, making a significant impact on the present and future of computer systems and human-computer interaction. He has made seminal, pioneering contributions to several areas that shaped the evolution of computer systems over the last four decades: microprocessors, reliable and fault-tolerant computer systems, human-centered design encompassing wearable computers and context aware computing, and rapid prototyping of computer systems. Dan has also made very significant contributions in integrating research and education, and has created a user centered interdisciplinary design methodology. This methodology has been used for rapid prototyping of computer systems and for the rapid prototyping of thirty generations of wearable and more recent context aware computers.

Dan’s research contributions have created new products, applications, and industries. In the process of his research he has trained hundreds of students in design and established new academic research disciplines.

Dan has played an important leadership role in every organizational and research unit in which he has worked: several departments at Carnegie Mellon (HCII, CS, ECE, ICES), the whole university, the national and international computer science and computer engineering research community. He is a true visionary capable of making major breakthroughs in science and research.

Thank you,

dan60! Symposium Committee


Reliable Computing, Multiprocessors, Design Automation, User-Centered Design
Mobile and Wearable Computing, Context-Aware Computing