CSbots: An AVD Sponsored Workshop on using Robots in Computer Science Education

CSbots is a project of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University which aims to bring the fun of robotics into high school computer science classes. Our goal is to provide high school teachers with the curriculum, robot, and training they need to integrate robotics into their programming classes, and thereby to interest a diverse high school audience in computer science. We aim not to supplant but to supplement CS education by providing a robot programmable in standard Java and capable of vision and speech, as well as creative activities for using the robot both in and out of class.

We are offering a workshop for high school computer science teachers July 23 - 24, 2008. During the workshop teachers will become familiar with our curriculum, receive hands on experience with our robot kit and software API, and hear from teachers who have used the robot with their students during the previous year. The workshop will be held at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh, PA and is open to high school teachers nationwide.

Registration is now closed.

Sponsored by a generous grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.