Algonquin Trip 3 - May 1999

Algonquin Trip 3 - May 20-23 1999

What follows are some random notes that I've made about the trip (and you can infer the route from the lakes using the map ). It's not a complete list of my memories and is really intended to remind us of the trip.

We took 25 pictures during the trip and they are all available with a little commentary here. The section of the park that we travelled through is here. I plan to annotate the map with our route and sites.

The three things that stick out the most from this trip are the flies, the fact that we didn't see a single moose and the really nice rapids on Amable du Fond river. Actually, I guess four things stick out. Women in the park at this time of year seem more likely to be carrying a canoe.

For this trip, we actually brought 3 packs. The food pack was about normal weight (we had far too much left over food) and the 2 clothing packs were relatively light. We had too much "warm stuff" for 1 pack but not enough to fill 2. In restrospect, I think we could have done the trip with just 2 packs, spreading the food around during the day and using one of the packs to tree the food at night. Oh well, still learning how to travel light.


Breakfasts were mostly bagel and PB or cheese whiz. Jodi had a bulgar wheat (?) and fruit thing one morning. Lunches were pita and cheese with gorp (almost entirely the "salty" gorp: bbq peanuts, soy nuts, sunflower seeds, tiny bit of granola and unsalted peanuts; also had a chocolate gorp: chocolate chips and granola which is really good when melted but otherwise not very exciting). Ate 2 chocolate bars and a bunch of dried banana chips.

Had the filling from a Chocolate Silk Pie (cheese cake) with a shot of Bailey's for desert one night. Very tasty.

Drank tea most nights and I had hot chocolate on the first night (I had to drown my sorrows).

I would guess less than 10 pounds worth of food was eaten. About 20-25 pounds was lugged around the park. Damn this paranoia.

Enter Kiosk
Night 1 Maple Lake
Dinner Cheesy Couscous
Paddling 10 km Portaging 6 @ 2.6 km

Night 2 Three Mile Lake
Dinner Pesto Potatoes
Paddling 8 km Portaging 4 @ 2 km

Night 3 North Tea Lake
Dinner Black Bean Soup
Paddling 15 km Portaging 7 @ 3.35 km Actual Portaging 9 @ 4.8 km

Last Day Paddling 25 km Portaging 4 @ 2 km (+ 1 @ 485 - low water option that can be avoided)