In my position with appointments in both the
Language Technologies Institute (11-XXX) and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (05-XXX), including the new professional master's programs METALS and MIIS. I enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity to design and teach a variety of interdisciplinary courses that serve as bridges between my two departments as well as with the PIER program in the Psychology Department (85-XXX). You can read about my teaching philosophy here .
  1. Yearly
    1. 11-344,11-663,05-834,05-434 Machine Learning in Practice [Note: I teach this course every semester, and it has grown increasingly popular.]
    2. 11-710 Computational Models of Discourse Analysis
  2. Every other year
    1. 11-780 Research Design and Writing
    2. 11-899 Summarization of Documents and Interaction
    3. 05-899 Special Topics: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
    4. 85-748 Research Methods for the Learning Sciences (Co-instructor)
  3. Occaisionally
    1. 11-725/6 Meaning in Language (and Meaning in Language self-paced lab)
    2. 11-718 Conversational Interfaces
    3. 11-791 Software Engineering for Information Systems (Co-instructor)
    4. 11-722 Grammar Formalisms (Co-instructor)
Carolyn Penstein Rose (cprose@cs.cmu.edu)/ Carnegie Mellon University